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I was born at the age of zero in London, England. My father was a taxi driver, my grandfather was a taxi driver, my brother was a taxi driver. I think I must be the back sheep of the family! Studied design at Middlesex University and have worked as a designer for someone else for far too long! For the last five years I've discovered that it's better to work for someone else, but wouldn't change it for the world!

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Bald Is Beautiful Logo

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Project Category Award Time left Entries
Logo for our Company Logo $500 3 days 353
Logo Design Printing Company Logo $200 3 hours 43
Corporate Re-Branding Logo $299 Closed 79
The Hub 30A Logo Project Logo $1969 Closed 507
A new sporting goods company needs a company name in sports industry. Cover all sports related field Company Naming $200 Closed 309
Wordmark design for new electronic product! Logo $200 Closed 144
Innovative company using genetics to discover new treatments for brain diseases Company Naming $200 Awarded 290
Skin Theory Project Logo $200 Awarded 109
Sensual and Intimate Toy (Sex Toy) - Product (concept) Design Product Design $3598 Awarded 139
Remodeling Manufacturer Logo Logo $299 Awarded 135

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