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15 Facts About Me..... 1. I created my first logo in 1995 with ClarisWorks, (aka AppleWorks) on a Macintosh Performa 575..... 2. That logo is still being used today..... 3. I have been on eight game shows and won $$ on six of them (hence my addiction)..... 4. I like using the word “hence” when I write, yet I never use it when I speak...... 5. I realized the power of a cool name starting in grade school and wanted lots and lots of kids so I could show off my naming skills...... 6. By the time I reached adulthood, I thought having a couple pets would be an easier way of showing off my naming skills...... 7. I’ve been in a real life car chase...... 8. I am always the loudest screamer on a rollercoaster…or in a car chase...... 9. Participating on crowdSPRING is sometimes like being on a rollercoaster..... 10. I’m always looking for an excuse to buy that new expensive font...... 11. “Buyer Assured” projects gives me that excuse...... 12. I’m a self-improvement junkie...... 13. I’m actively seeking a self- improvement book to help me with my addiction...... 14. My favorite kind of people are entrepreneurs, inventors, comedians and people that carry the Greenpeace clipboards...... 15. Fantasy Gig: A design job for Dave Matthews.... or renaming all 19 of those Duggar kids.

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Established Neighborhood Mexican Restaurant is ready to up it's game -

A $200 Company Naming project

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It was through the excellent feedback, I was able to come up with the winning name. Thank you again. shaunda


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Project Category Award Time left Entries
Established Neighborhood Mexican Restaurant is ready to up it's game - Company Naming $200 Complete 454


Project Category Award Time left Entries
New name for a technology company Company Naming $400 3 days 355
CONNECTEDWORLD15 Company Naming $479 3 days 447
New brandname for company in research area Company Naming $479 2 days 228
Professional Haircare brand needs a name Company Naming $479 Closed 642
Fitness guru needs help getting her brand in shape Company Naming $239 Closed 365
Innovative Jewelry start-up looking for a brand name, can you help? Company Naming $679 Closed 845
Re-Brand for Managed IT Services, VoIP Phone Service, and Office Technology Company. Company Naming $479 Closed 292
Cloud Service Provider for small enterprise using converged infrastructure in Europe and the US Company Naming $479 Closed 571
Creative name needed for yoga& wellness studio Company Naming $479 Closed 308
Name for new nonprofit that builds community economic resiliency through worker ownership Company Naming $200 Awarded 477

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