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I am a freelance writer and produce animated video stories. I am a "Wordsmith" at heart and strive to mutually find you that perfect name. The two pups are the "Double G's", Gizmo and Gracie and they are much of my inspiration. They are filled with love and give it unconditionally. I am retired from a worldwide bio-tech firm and married to a retired LA City Firefighter. We are grandparents to sixteen wonderful grandchildren, two of which are aspiring writers. I found crowdSpring in December of 2011 and this opened up a whole new world of creativity for me. Keeps the mind and heart young!

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Name for a barbershop

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New name for a jet aircraft management and private jet charter service company Company Naming $479 4 days 191
Mortgage and home loans Company Naming $239 Closed 313
Charity Fundraising eCommerce Site Company Naming $700 Closed 1964
We are Wilbert Vault and developed online ordering software for our funeral home customers. Product Naming $200 Closed 282
Online Startup Needs Help with Name Company Naming $479 Awarded 870
Help Us Name Our Real Estate Development Company Company Naming $239 Awarded 392
t-shirt lady needs a business name Company Naming $400 Awarded 1063
Help me find a great name for my travel startup Company Naming $200 Closed 281
Name the different components in our software platform for digital pathology Product Naming $400 Awarded 394
Undershirt Goes Mobile! Tagline Project, Bonus Award! Tagline $400 Awarded 883

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