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I am a freelance writer and produce animated video stories. I am a "Wordsmith" at heart and strive to mutually find you that perfect name. The two pups are the "Double G's", Gizmo and Gracie and they are much of my inspiration. They are filled with love and give it unconditionally. I am retired from a worldwide bio-tech firm and married to a retired LA City Firefighter. We are grandparents to sixteen wonderful grandchildren, two of which are aspiring writers. I found crowdSpring in December of 2011 and this opened up a whole new world of creativity for me. Keeps the mind and heart young!

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Project Category Award Time left Entries
Liquor Distillery Company Naming $239 7 days 237
New name for a restaurant Company Naming $380 2 days 234
Active Classroom Company Naming $239 2 days 309
Customer Experience Program Product Naming $239 11 hours 435
Name B2B Research and Review Website Company Naming $400 Closed 1258
Small Business Lending Company Needs Name! Company Naming $239 Closed 201
Create a name for a new line of vinyl windows. Company Naming $239 Closed 116
Online Car Buying Site for New Cars Company Naming $200 Closed 465
"Executive Search" firm in London, for the "Social Media" sector. Company Naming $200 Closed 361
Learning Subscription Service Name Product Naming $239 Closed 274

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