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Starts: 3-Jul-13 10:40 p.m. GMT

Ends: 30-Jul-13 11:59 p.m. GMT


Award 1: $200, was awarded to ShimmyK...

Award 2: $200

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Truly unique marketing opportunity that we want you to be a part of. Our project needs a catchy tagline to describe an undershirt movement of sorts.

Update 10-Jul-13 GMT

Great progress so far! There's some real good ones in here for sure. We need to keep with the creativity of applying the invisibility of the undershirt (not necessarily using the word invisible) with some sort of movement.

Here's a curveball - Imagine the RV is wrapped as some other vehicle. Perhaps it is painted like a subway train, submarine, bus, double-decker bus, dumptruck, etc. Can you think of any taglines for this? As always, if you describe a tagline + graphic that we use, you'll get both awards.

Remember, the jT is hidden, and under.

Good luck creatives!!

Update 14-Jul-13 GMT

Keep the creativity coming! While we're still struggling to figure out the knockout graphic, consider potential graphics:

1) The RV is a giant police paddy wagon.
2) The RV is painted like a city bus
3) The RV is painted to look like it is driving backwards
4) The RV looks like a wrecked train.

Let's keep hearing those great ideas!
Update 24-Jul-13 GMT

Sorry for building up the drama here! We're pretty solid on the graphic design of the RV at this point. It will consist of a city bus being tipped up (maybe there's a hand tipping it) like you would lift up a rock.

On the tipped up bus will be a faux ad with our comparison to other shirts and how we are hidden in the collar. The bus will have a giant tagline somewhere that says something like "You won't see our undershirts anywhere". And the faux ad might have it's own tagline like "Going going gone" (User submitted leader) over two bad undershirts in open collar then one good one.

Can our awesome Crowd improve on these or beat the graphic design??