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Starts: 5-Feb-13 3:13 p.m. GMT

Ends: 15-Feb-13 11:59 p.m. GMT


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Over 150,000 veterans leave the military every year. Many companies and hiring managers would love to hire veterans for their leadership skills, adaptability, and ability to get things done. Veterans by and large know how to work on diverse teams, have often spent significant time overseas, and have the loyalty of a golden retriever. Despite this and numerous CEO initiatives to hire more veterans at their companies, unemployment among transitioning veterans is much higher than the general population and private sector initiatives continue to miss their targets.

Something is not working. Much of this is due to both veterans and hiring companies not being able to translate veteran skills, experience, and interest, into actual job requirements.

Our company, VetNet, is on a mission to bridge this gap for 15,000 veterans per year by 2015. First, by helping veterans understand their unique skills, abilities, and passions. Match those to private sector careers, help them translate their experience into resumes targeted to these specific roles by way of resumes and LinkedIn profiles, and land jobs that they will not only be good at and love doing, but because of that, be of great value to their hiring companies. In addition, we plan to conduct "Reverse Boot Camp" on-boarding training to help veterans get off on the right foot in the civilian world.

We see this business as helping veterans AND companies by helping each get veterans in the "right seat on the bus" so that they will be successful.

I am looking for a tagline that appeals to both veterans and a hiring managers and Human Resources people who despite wanting to hire veterans, struggle with translating their resumes to actual job specifications.

Update 5-Feb-13 GMT
Currently using the following on my business card.

"Helping veterans find great jobs."

This can be incorporated into a new tag line but doing so will not in any way infringe on my ability to use it as a stand alone in the interim. Fair?
Update 10-Feb-13 GMT
Sorry for being MIA. In in New England and this storm has reduced me to iPhone which does not allow me to adequately review and comment on your submissions. I promise to catch up and extend the deadline on by end of day Monday
Update 11-Feb-13 GMT
Per my earlier post, We had a blizzard up here in New England and I wasn't able to look at these since Friday AM EST. I appologize and sincerly appreciate the incredible effort everyone has made.
Update 11-Feb-13 GMT
In an effort to clarify and potentially save some time for everyone, I wanted to provide a but more general guidance.

1. I'm probably not going to go with anything with "hero" in it. Myself, and almost, every other vet I know, really don't think of ourselves as heroes, though we seem to think of every other veteran as one so go figure. As much as I appreciate the sentiment, it just wouldn't be authentic for me to use.

2. In my heart of hearts, I truly beleive that hiring a vet is god business for compnies, so long as they get vet's in the in roles tht play to their strengths. As such, I reallyin looking for a tag line that shows how we bring value to veterans (figuring out what they want, targeting the role, getting it, and getting off to a god start) AND to companies, ( getting great talent with an incredible sense of mission rather than career orientations, can do spirit, and tremendous loyalty to name a few).

On that, I'm really not interested in a tag line that implies companies should "give something back" or its their duty, etc. While that might help in the short run, only value added, win-win hires are sustainable if I'm really going to help a lot of veterans.

3. As many of you have asked, I'm ex-Navy.
Update 11-Feb-13 GMT
4. Thanks for asking :)
Update 11-Feb-13 GMT
Generic advice: Think about the tag line as an extension of "VetNet" e.g. "VetNet: Helping veterans and companies..." Many of the tag line submissions are so focused on what's great about veterans, which is awesome, but will make this eventual cupling with the name awkward. Thanks.
Update 14-Feb-13 GMT
I recognise I extended my deadline already due to the snow storm in New England last weekend. Unfortunately, I've had a family medical emergency that has taken me out of town all week. If I get the extension, I will "Assure" the project and get caught up on my reviews by end of day today. Thank you for your patience.