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Starts: 14-Aug-14 6:28 p.m. GMT

Ends: 4-Sep-14 11:59 p.m. GMT


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Name a Nationwide Movement to End Human Sex Trafficking: Human trafficking – along with illegal arms dealing – is the world’s most profitable criminal enterprise after drugs, and feeds the illegal commercial sex industry around the world. This year, one national organization will be rallying cities around the country to help slow the tide of sex trafficking and help end the illegal commercial sex industry in the United States. By focusing on reducing demand for purchased sex, these cities will slow the tide of trafficked women and girls, and help halt the industry all together.

Update 15-Aug-14 GMT
We prefer names that include something like "cities" or "network" or "coalition" or something that denotes the fact that it is multiple cities participation.

It would be great if the name could be tailored by city easily, e.g. Initiative X: Boston or Initiative X: Seattle, etc.

Finally, while we love clever names, it needs to be fairly mainstream - imagine the mayor of a city saying "I am proud that my city is joining Initiative X"

Thanks for your suggestions!
Update 15-Aug-14 GMT
names should not be too abstract, ideally people will understand what issue the initiative is working on from the name
Update 15-Aug-14 GMT
we had another thought - since we have at least 10 cities in the initiative maybe the OVERALL initiative would include the term "network" or "collaborative" or "coalition" or something like that, but EACH city would have a different structure, e.g. Demand Abolition: Boston Or Demand Abolition: Seattle or Demand Abolition: Phoenix and then the overall network is something like "the Demand Abolition Cities Network"
Update 15-Aug-14 GMT
We dont like the term "campaign" it feels too temporary, we hope this is a long term initiative
Update 15-Aug-14 GMT
Please stay away from the term "trafficking" this has a very specific meaning in federal law and we are working against buying ALL forms of illegal commercial sex including vulnerable adults, children, boys, girls, etc.
Update 15-Aug-14 GMT
we dont like names that are too abstract, the audience should be able to understand - in general terms - what this initiative is about from the title.
Update 18-Aug-14 GMT
We recognize that we're giving conflicting advice so we would like to clarify that this initiative is centered around a 20% reduction in the demand for illegal commercial sex in two years. We were reluctant to provide this before because we plan for this initiative to go beyond two years - we weren't exactly sure how to include this if the goal might change. So, we're envisioning that the goal of 20% will be recurrent every two years.

Creative solutions welcome :-)

Update 19-Aug-14 GMT
We would like to focus more on the purchase than the sale. We view the illegal commercial sex industry as three specific components - supply (prostituted people), distribution (pimps/traffickers) and demand (buyers/johns). Our initiative is focused on the buyers so we're looking for a name that reflects this.
Update 26-Aug-14 GMT
We would like to remove "urban" from the list of words that we like.
Update 28-Aug-14 GMT
We love the entries that we have been getting, but haven't quite found exactly what we are looking for. We are extending the deadline so that more entries could be considered. Thanks so much for all your hard work!
Update 1-Sep-14 GMT
Thank you all for the entries. We would like to have you try a couple things: 1. acronyms that spell words 2. Use the words "buyer" and/or "john".