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Starts: 26-Jun-14 2:25 p.m. GMT

Ends: 9-Jul-14 11:59 p.m. GMT


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We are looking for words and terms (max 2-3 words) to describe a new product that uses a revolutionary sports equipment product that uses a triple component system. Using 3 main components, we have specifically created a 3 way partnership/interaction between these components, each works very differently to the other but together they work in harmony to produce the best / optimal result. We are looking for fresh / exciting terms that could describe such a 3 way partnership - given this is sports equipment the terms shouldn't look out of place on the field of play, in the gym etc. Our products are driven by science so the term should communicate this as well.

Update 26-Jun-14 GMT
We would be open to abbreviations of a term as well, for example ;

If you were to name the product Tri-Perform System we would also be open to TPS. Or we would be open to a phrase abbreviated (e.g. Triple Action Rollers could be TAR System)

These need to be submitted with full idea + abbreviation.
Update 26-Jun-14 GMT
I've noticed a few entries trying to use the word 'equipment' in the title, we would prefer this word is not used. Other key words that could be included are 'Pro' , 'Protein', 'Nutrition' , 'Performance'
Update 27-Jun-14 GMT
Hi All!

Please try to avoid duplicates.

For future suggestions on naming please can you exclude using the words 'equipment' and 'sports'.
Update 30-Jun-14 GMT
Some great suggestions so far - keep them coming!

Keep this focused around nutrition, whilst we are traditionally a sport equipment company we are looking at branching out into nutrition.

The three components here are three different ingredients for a nutrition product that work together to produce optimal results - the key ingredient of the three is Protein so keep focused around tri / protein / nutrition and performance.

Thanks All!
Update 2-Jul-14 GMT
Extended for more creative thinking time!
Update 19-Jul-14 GMT
Hello everyone,

Many thanks for your hard work. We are in need of a bit more time to choose a winner. Thank you for your patience.