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Starts: 21-May-14 2:11 p.m. GMT

Ends: 19-Jun-14 8:41 p.m. GMT


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We are looking for a name for an App/ Software which will re-invent the way people learn and practice music. We are aiming to build a global brand and are looking for a name that is suitable across the globe.

We also need a corresponding domain name.

Update 22-May-14 GMT
Hi all!

Thanks for the submissions so far! We’re starting to score the submissions and provide feedback. In the meantime, we’ve put together some more information for you CrowdSpringers!

The one thing we know is that we want the name to “stick”. I know, I know... That doesn’t really help provide direction, right? Well, we wouldn’t be good Buyers unless we added “We’ll know it when we see it!"

That being said, we’ve put together some guidelines below. If you have an idea that doesn’t fit these guidelines, and you feel it’s still a great idea anyway, we encourage you to break the rules! After all, we wouldn’t be creative unless we broke the rules once in a while, right?

Name Types.
We’re open to different types of names: suggestive names (Microsoft, Intel, Clorox, BandAid), metaphorical names (Amazon, Jaguar), and arbitrary names (Yahoo, Google) are all ok. Try to steer clear of generic names.

Music Genre.
Our app coverers many genres of music. Pop. Rock. Classical. Jazz. Wind Band. You name it, we got it. If you’re going for a suggestive “musical” name, try to avoid being too genre-specific.

Basic Criteria.
Some criteria we are using to grade submissions:

1. Distinctive. We want the name to stand out, both from competing products and from daily language use. It helps if the name is “pronoun-ish”. Example: Spotify. It’s easy to pick that name out of the spoken language.

2. Appropriate. We want the name to be appropriate to the product we are building. Product names like Band-Aid and Clorox are appropriate for what they do. (There is some wiggle-room here, especially with arbitrary product names)

3. Brief. We want the name to be brief: The simpler the better. But it must do so without compromising distinctiveness.

4. Easy to Spell/Pronounce. We want a name that is easy to spell and pronounce.

5. International. We want the name to be international. Careful to avoid names that may be inappropriate in other languages. Example: Ford Pinto (not good in Brazil).

We encourage you to have fun with it. Don't hesitate to contact us directly if you have questions.
Update 3-Jun-14 GMT
Thank you for all submissions!
We have not yet found a winner and we have also not had enough time to give enough feedback on all submissions, so we will prolong the project to get some more time for this.
Update 14-Jun-14 GMT
Thanks for the submissions, thus far.

After this first round, we discovered that certain ideas tend to work better than others (It’s a learning process for us as well!), so we’re still looking for the perfect name for our app.

Here’s an update on what we feel works. We hope this information helps guide you to provide better submissions.

2-3 Syllables.
We previously said we would like our app name to be brief. We feel it might help to clarify exactly what we mean by this. Specifically, we’re looking for names that have 2-3 syllables MAXIMUM. Submissions with 4 or more syllables will likely not be suitable for us

We see a lot of compound-name submissions which are a bit too flat or direct. When submitting a compound-name, we would like the result of the combination to be unique and clever, and speak to what the app actually does (you can find information on what the app does in our previous briefing). In other-words, when the two words are combined, we would like the result to be something unique that nobody has ever heard of!

Here are some examples of compound-names which are a bit too flat or direct for our taste.

- TheMusicApp (Yes, we are making a music app, but there are many music apps out there... Too generic)

- TheTutor (Yes, our app helps people learn music, but there are many tutors out there... It doesn’t describe what our app does specifically)

- MusicTeacher (Yes, our app functions as a music teacher, but again, there are many music teachers out there)

- LearnMusicNow (Yes, our app helps you learn music now, but so might other apps)

And here are some examples of some pretty good compound names:

- SoundCloud (What is a sound cloud? It’s nothing the user has ever heard of before, but it’s instantly recognizable... It’s a place where you can store sound on the “cloud”)

- PhotoBucket (What is a photo bucket? Photo buckets don’t actually exist, but it speaks directly to what the service does. It allows you to store your photos in one place. Instantly understood by the user)

- YouTube (What is a you tube? It’s nothing that actually exists in the real world, but users immediately understand that they “you” are able to make their own TV station “tube”.