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Starts: 19-Sep-13 9:17 p.m. GMT

Ends: 29-Sep-13 9:17 p.m. GMT


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This is an overall system that is comprised of many parts and pieces. It is completely scalable and customizable to fit all of your households needs. The system is all about making someone’s life easier. It’s to assist them in managing their home and life. Here’s an example of someone going away on vacation or at home:

Automate some lighting: Have the outside lights come on and off when you’re not home and when you are home, instead of going to three light switches every evening and morning to turn on and off the front door coach, lamp post, and garage lights, have the system do that for you.

Control: Need to let the dog sitter or a workman into the home while you’re away? Setup a temporary code for them or remotely unlock the door for them when they call you.

Notifications: What to make sure the cleaning people or the service guy actually came or stayed long enough? The system can send you notifications when people arm and disarm the security system. Or when you’re not home, get notifications of when the kids got home from school.

Turn around events: Did you forget to close the garage door? Is the house armed? Instead of driving back to check, use your smart phone to check and correct if necessary.

Entertainment: Hosting a party? Enable a “party” scene that will set your lighting to the right levels, adjust the thermostat low to compensate for all of your guests and start your favorite playlist in the rooms you desire at the volumes you desire. It’s all at your fingertips whether on your smart device or on a wall mounted controller.

Communication: Watching the game but need to listen to the baby? Put the baby’s room into monitor mode with the intercom system and listen to that little bundle of joy without needing to get up and check. Hear something concerning? Get up and check!
Need to call everyone to dinner? Make an announcement over the intercom!

Who’s at the front door? Gardening out back and someone rings the door bell? Get a notification on your phone and see who it is? Inside the house and door bell rings? Go to a command center and ask what they need.

Heating and cooling : Going away on vacation? Did you remember to turn back the thermostat? Use your smartphone to check and correct. Want the house to be at a desired temperature when you return home from vacation? Use your smartphone to adjust the heating and cooling settings so the home is comfortable when you arrive.

Update 20-Sep-13 GMT
We've been receiving a lot of names that reference pop culture (Batman, Star Trek, Greek mythology, etc.). We would like the name to stand on its own. We also are not fond of acronyms unless the word they spell correlates with the product. Thank you for your time and creativity!
Update 4-Oct-13 GMT
We need our legal team to look over the names. Thank you!