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Starts: 8-Aug-13 2:58 a.m. GMT

Ends: 18-Aug-13 11:59 p.m. GMT


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Update 8-Aug-13 GMT
- Per the brief requirements, we REALLY want to AVOID any name that implies children, e.g. Junior, Jr., Kids, Kidz, Young, Sprout, Mini, etc.

- The name should NOT be cutesy even though it's for kids. The buyers of the products will ultimately be parents who have a passion for auto racing / motorsport. These parents modify cars and don't respect those whose cars are blingy or showy. These are folks who care about performance. So , words like zoom, checkers (as in checkered flag), vroom, track, racer, etc. are too generic and do not convey that this is to teach their kids so they can bring them to motorsport events and the kids will have knowledge about the cars and racing.

- avoid using numbers for words, e.g. "2" for "to" or "4" for "four" -- again, too cutesy

- Think F-1 and not Nascar, not drag racing
Update 8-Aug-13 GMT
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Update 8-Aug-13 GMT
To help those creatives who do not have a knowledge of motorsport, attached is a "Glossary of Racing Terms" that could serve as thought starters. Wikipedia also has a glossary of terms for motorsports. Other sources of inspiration could be the SPEED channel on TV -- you can at least hear how auto enthusiasts speak and the terminology they use.
Update 12-Aug-13 GMT
We're getting some great entries -- just not quite there yet. We're seeing a lot of use of the terms "Moto" and "Aero"... neither of these are working well for us, so we suggest future entries try to avoid these words.

Also -- please bear in mind that name must appeal to parents but be pronounce-able and reasonably understandable to younger children. Names that are too clever without an obvious association to motorsport won't resonate with kids.

Finally, we're sticklers for real words -- kind of tired of the dumbing down of English for our children (i.e. IM-ing language, endless abbreviations). So please use real words (even though we realize this may make things more difficult from a URL-perspective), e.g. cars not cars, track not trak, etc.

Thanks for your consideration!
Update 14-Aug-13 GMT
We have some very good entries -- a couple that have us excited -- but we're not 100% confident that we've found THE best name just yet, so are extending this a few more days. Thank you for your consideration.
Update 26-Aug-13 GMT
We need more time to decide on a name. We've narrowed the list we're seriously considering to about ten names and are now "testing" them with kids to see how they resonate. (There have been some surprising insights!). We hope to select a name in the coming week, but are extending beyond that just to be sure. We may be reaching out to creatives to double-check the availability of URLs, etc. Thanks so much for your contributions and patience.