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Think herb, Borage, + boutique = Female Fashion and Accessories.
It says fun, vibrant, welcoming, and feminine boutique for women of all ages.

Honestly, what I love about this idea is that many people don't know about the beauty and uses of Borage herbs, a.k.a. starflower. What attracted me to learn about it in the first place is that so few edible foods are blue, and this is one of them. Borage flowers are a beautiful, tranquil blue color and both the leaves & flowers taste like cucumber, so they can easily be added to tea, dressings, or salad for a hint of flavor. It is known to help lift depression and help relieve dry eyes...perfect for women!!! Borage is available in North America, South America, and Europe (international appeal).

I love shopping at AVEDA b/c they serve comforting tea (licorice root & peppermint) to make the shopping experience more pleasurable. Well, the trademark of your store could be providing a cup of borage comforting tea for your customers because it can easily be combined with a mint flavor as well as be mixed with cold water for a more spa-like flavored water.

You could also easily make some potpourri out of the flowers to decorate the store and enhance the brand name.
Along with providing a wonderful shopping experience, you would be educating your customers about a potential new herb and aesthetically pleasing flower that they probably have never heard of before.

Good Luck! :-)

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