Visualing Ecstasy

This was my final major project at Uni.
This is a collection of three books that visualise the feeling of ecstasy. Based on a personal event of skydiving, each book in turn reflects the rapidity and simplicity of the whole experience, the trance-like state I encountered, and the freedom I wish I felt more often.

The collection is based on a curve of ecstasy which has been split into three stages - beginning, middle and end.

Stage 1 - Beginning - normal, mundane state.
Stage 2 - Middle - progressively climbs to that ultimate peak - THE FEELING OF ECSTASY. An elation state.
Stage 3 - End - rapidly declined back to reality but feeling the after effects of that immensely satisfying experience.

The books are based on one image of me in the sky. It is the moment where I had just jumped from the plane and feel it is the peak second for me. Although I look as though I have no teeth, I didn't care!

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