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How to increase the popularity of the US Congress

The following campaign is designed to reestablish trust in the US Congress by pointing out that the US Congress has been significantly involved in the improvement of living conditions across America.

The print ads consist of dramatic archive pictures that are meant to grab the viewers attention.

A photo collage is accompanied by a headline that puts the images into a historical context. For example, the headline “The Civil Rights Act of 1964” is accompanied by images taken before the bill was passed by the US Congress.

The subtitles “in memoriam of” as well as “passed by the US Congress” complement the headline and the images. While the former pays due respect to the events captured on camera, the latter credits decisions made by the US Congress.

The before-mentioned triggers emotions such as pride, confidence and hope and is eventually summarized by the saying:

“Today, we are but a total of all our yesterdays; yet, only a potential of all our tomorrows.”

(Source: http://www.fasw.ca/ytandt/)

The TV commercials connect with the print ads and are designed to convince the viewer that the US Congress has improved living conditions for Americans and will continue to do so.

Archive footage will be accompanied by authority figures who have been involved in the processes and played a major role in developing a bill. Their closing words will encourage Americans to look ahead optimistically.

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