Client Description:

This company will create a new, certified organic sports drink for health-conscious, active people made with 100% all-natural ingredients and no coloring, chemicals, or other crap. The current formulation has only six ingredients.

The overall aesthetic of the brand will be fairly minimal and zen. I want to emphasize lightness, health, fitness, revitalization, etc. and I really want to emphasize the natural element of the product, since I think that's the key differentiation. I want to communicate with real people who know a sports drink is not going to make you superman or a pro athlete and avoid the cliches of companies like Gatorade & Powerade. This is supposed to be a product for real people who like to be active and fit and want something refreshing, balanced, and natural.

Chosen Name: Anu

Anu is the Celtic Goddess of healing and renewal. Your drink is designed to heal and renew the body before, during and after activity. It sounds like 'anew', which essentially your drink is making the body new again. This is a soft, sensual word that I think will resonate well with a female audience.

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