Newspaper coin box card

In the days immediately after the 9-11 attacks (which we witnessed from the upper floors of our newspaper's headquarters in Hackensack, NJ), I was asked to come up with some kind of relevant rack card for The Record and Herald News coin boxes.

We in the Marketing department agreed that we didn't want to use our coverage of the attacks as a selling point for newspapers, but we needed to acknowledge the tragedy and express our solidarity with the community, especially since so many of the dead were from our area.

I quickly went through our stock image CDs and found the photo of the World Trade Center and the close up of the American flag. I trimmed and blended them in Photoshop, to try and drape the WTC with the flag. In my mind, it was the nation putting its arms around the victims.

A lot of rack cards disappeared from our coin boxes during the weeks that followed.

Actual size: 16.75" x 10.75"

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