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Starts: 18-Apr-09 5 a.m. GMT

Ends: 6-Jun-09 4:59 a.m. GMT


Award 1: $20000, was awarded to emma11

Award 2: $10000, was awarded to joedezz

Award 3: $5000, was awarded to kmart1010

Award 4: $1000, was awarded to shinton

Award 5: $1000, was awarded to velde

Award 6: $1000, was awarded to velde

Award 7: $1000, was awarded to meg02003

Award 8: $1000, was awarded to RedKouki

Award 9: $1000, was awarded to LucaciS...

Award 10: $1000, was awarded to wsteink...

Award 11: $1000, was awarded to frethot

Award 12: $1000, was awarded to mourasan

Award 13: $1000, was awarded to bhenry

Award 14: $1000, was awarded to thegwen

Award 15: $1000, was awarded to richsil...

Award 16: $1000, was awarded to Rencess...

Award 17: $1000, was awarded to Bringer_

Award 18: $1000, was awarded to rbdesig...

Award 19: $1000, was awarded to kisnooy

Award 20: $1000, was awarded to phase1

Award 21: $1000, was awarded to andresp...

Award 22: $1000, was awarded to chosetec

Award 23: $1000, was awarded to afranco

Award 24: $1000, was awarded to mjhardin

Award 25: $1000, was awarded to Hoverch...

Award 26: $1000, was awarded to taomeis...

Award 27: $1000, was awarded to marknag...

Award 28: $1000, was awarded to 3050rhan

Award 29: $1000, was awarded to kcsluis

Award 30: $1000, was awarded to Tim_D_Yun

Award 31: $1000, was awarded to velde

Award 32: $1000, was awarded to TheElli...

Award 33: $1000, was awarded to Tng

Award 34: $1000, was awarded to aarive

Award 35: $1000, was awarded to rapheal...

Award 36: $1000, was awarded to sunburn...

Award 37: $1000, was awarded to thegwen

Award 38: $1000, was awarded to aubz

Award 39: $1000, was awarded to cherltte

Award 40: $1000, was awarded to werdbrem

Award 41: $1000, was awarded to lesaha

Award 42: $1000, was awarded to gkim517

Award 43: $1000, was awarded to mourasan

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Your assignment: imagine the future of personal mobile communication.

LG Mobile Phones is partnering with crowdSPRING to announce a new competition to define the future of personal mobile communication. If you are a U.S. resident (citizen or green card holder) age 18 (or age of majority in state of residence) and older, you can have a chance to design your vision of the next revolutionary LG mobile phone and compete for more than $80,000 in awards. Exercise your creative imagination and let your ideas be heard. You don’t have to work for LG to make an impact on the future of personal mobile communication!

What we’re looking for:

Predict what’s next. What do you think mobile phones should look like in 2, 5, or 10 years? We are asking for your help. We’re NOT looking for a long list of specs or phone ideas that already exist. We’re looking for a cool new concept or “big idea” supported by usage scenario illustrations. Understand how your idea will be judged, and increase your chances of winning. Keep in mind, the LG logo must be included somewhere on the phone you’ve designed. Use the logo files provided (one is for light background and one is for dark).

Judging Criteria:

Need Fulfillment / Market Potential (40% weight): How well does the phone address general consumer needs / frustrations?
Creativity / Originality / Innovation (30% weight): Is the idea / design unique? Does the concept convey WOW or game-changing characteristics?
Feasibility (20% weight): Can this idea / product be realistically implemented with current or near-future technology?
Polish and Appeal (10% weight): Is the idea easy to understand and aesthetically appealing? Does it have images illustrating usage scenarios?

Submissions may be illustrated or rendered in any format - hand sketches, digital drawings, or renderings – rendering tool used will not affect judging process. You may submit as many entries as you like.

Things to avoid doing:

Innovating without any meaningful preparation, context, or inspiration typically leads to irrelevant “ideas in a vacuum”. To help you be as innovative as possible, we’ve provided a very helpful list of Tips for Submission. Read over these words of wisdom, and you’ll definitely be steps ahead of the competition!

And as a special treat, we got innovation guru Drew Boyd to teach you about inventive thinking. Here is his “Step-By-Step Innovation Method” along with a podcast specifically created for you.

Got questions or need more inspiration?

Contact LG at myidea@lge.com. You can also follow us on Twitter, and become a fan on Facebook.

REMEMBER! Even if your design is revolutionary, you’re not going to get an award if you’re NOT a U.S. resident (citizen or green card holder) age 18 (or age of majority in state of residence) and older. And, by entering a design, you agree that LG will own all right, title, and interest in the design. Feel free to review the official rules.

The winners will be announced on July 7, 2009 at www.crowdspring.com/LG/winners, so get your creative juices flowing, and good luck in the competition!


LG and crowdSPRING have partnered with Autodesk®, a world leader in 2D and 3D design software. Autodesk® will be providing a FREE 15-day trial of SketchBook Pro to all participants of this competition. Now, you will be empowered with this professional tool that enables you to perform at a higher level to create the phone of your dreams!

Download SketchBook Pro for free.

Autodesk® SketchBook Pro is a paint and drawing application designed specifically for use with digitized pen tablets and Tablet PCs. SketchBook Pro offers industry-leading sketching tools and delivers them through a streamlined user interface that is so fast and intuitive that a new user can be productive within minutes.

Examples of phone sketches made with SketchBook Pro:
sample Sketchbook phone
sample Sketchbook phone