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We are a small business with 15 employees. Our company is preparing to raise investor capital within the April - May timeframe. As part of the capital raise, investors conduct a full due diligence of the company which includes all relative documents, contracts, board records, shareholder records, financial statements, etc. Essentially, any and everything related to the business must be provided to potential investor for review. Making all of these items available to the investor is generally referred to as the DataRoom, and it is generally made available in physical form or stored at a web site where viewers can be provided access for review.

We are seeking to demonstrate to our potential investors a high degree of quality, preparedness and make the process of due diligence an efficient and confidence building experience. In a sense, we want to create an "electronic" data roomed that can be contracted with a secure and unique password for each recipient. Ideally, we will save the document as a PDF, zip it, and e-mail to whomever we believe is a qualified potential investor.

The vast majority of content to be contained in the document will be material produce by the company in all different formats, Excel, PowerPoint, Word, scanned documents, PDF's, etc. The skill we are seeking is someone who can pull it together into a single clean looking "binder" document that also will have formatting for adding commentary (bubble comments, pointers, etc).

As such, we are seeking a professional resource, skilled in document creation/construction. Our vision of the correct resource will have very strong skills at producing a document that contains a functioning table of contents and index (by clicking on the title or page number the reader is taken directly to that section of document).

I anticipate the process will be a dynamic submission of documents, often times replace by improved or current drafts, and return of work-in-progress drafts back to us for review. This will not be a your typical "end product submission" as we need to the work in progress with each document we submit as we try to determine if edit or new document creation needs completion.

I anticipate the process to be the creation of a binder template and then begin submitting documents as we have them created for insertion into the template.

Directly following completion of the Binder project we will enter into the construction of the formal business plan which will include several additional creative engagements. The succesful completion of this project would position our creative partner to be the lead to receive that contact as well.

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