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Starts: 7-Jul-14 9:45 p.m. GMT

Ends: 21-Jul-14 11:59 p.m. GMT


Award 1: $719, was awarded to surip

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"Excellence in Education" is a program to reinforce the Lottery’s mission to support public education in a very positive, community-wide, public relations way. The program will run for 39 weeks and every week a new educator (could be a teacher, coach, librarian, principal, bus driver etc.) will be selected as the "Excellence in Education" recipient. The general public will be asked to complete nomination forms and submit their favorite educator for consideration. Each week’s selected winner will then be featured in special "Excellence in Education" news segments airing in local newscasts across the state. The logo should make people feel good about the Lottery for rewarding these individuals and for supporting education – which makes the efforts of these outstanding educators possible.
NOTE: Since this will be running as a news feature, that will lend an air of credibility and importance – this is not a commercial feature – it is a news feature - so logo needs to be more corporate - it should not be fun or cute. This is not geared to school kids, but rather to the adult educators who make education possible.

Update 8-Jul-14 GMT
Please do not worry so much about the Tree logo. First and foremost we need a logo for Excellence in Education. It does not have to be in the same colors as the tree logo. it should be in colors/fonts/designs that help convey a notion of excellence - someone doing something above and beyond the expected. That logo can then be affixed to the tree logo somehow. But it needs to stand out as something special - not just copy - then it looks like a tagline. We know we want text primarly, but some subtle graphic element or design is needed as well. It needs a bit more pizzazz. The name elevates this program - so we're hoping that logo will elevate it even further. Thanks!
Update 10-Jul-14 GMT
Is there a way to make logos feel more inspirational? Can the font glow or have a glow around it? Can one of the words or letters be elevated to help give it an aspirational and inspirational feel? We're trying to go for lofty and accomplishment and excellence.
Thanks again!
Update 14-Jul-14 GMT
Client actually likes a few different logos, but has some additional feedback. So we do not need any new submissions. We might just need a little more time to refine some of the current logos so we can then make a final decision. Thanks!