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Starts: 4-Feb-14 2:03 p.m. GMT

Ends: 30-Mar-14 7:41 p.m. GMT


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Dealer Intelligence is a start-up software company backed by a team of automobile dealers and technology people who wish to have a prolific change on the automobile industry. By creating business intelligence platforms and work flow automation tools, DealerIntelligence will be capable of unifying the data architecture throughout the entire enterprise and vertical of the automobile industry. Dealerships, Manufacturers, Financial Institutions, 3rd party vendors, and consumers are all challenged due to the lack of standards and the goal of Dealer Intelligence is to create a standardized mechanism for the exchange of data in a secure, efficient, and streamlined manner which enables data to flow friction-less throughout the entire vertical. This underlying goal will create an open development community platform that can drive numerous applications supported by the underlying BI architecture that has homogenized the structured and unstructured data throughout the vertical and enabled real time data and work flow automation solutions that will create transparency and operational capabilities never before achievable due to the proprietary nature of data siloed in various systems throughout the enterprise.

The underlying architecture of DealerIntelligence is to create better data and smarter software so that the industry as a whole can get smarter and more sophisticated. The last couple of years the company has built a BI platform that has harvested big data from numerous data sources throughout the vertical and created a unified data architecture that subsequently drives analytics, reports, alerts, dashboards, etc. in such a way that allows for greater insights into the business operations. This also opened up new insights into work flow automation by identifying various steps in completing procedural processes and assembling the various data points involved to create a system capable of validation and exception based management when non-compliant activities occur.

DealerIntelligence's goal will be to take the lead in bringing the historically proprietary data environment of the industry close together to create standards and allow essential data exchange and automation to take place that could otherwise not given the road blocks faced by the industry.

Update 18-Mar-14 GMT
The buyer has uploaded a new file in this project. You can download that file in the DETAILS tab.
Update 18-Mar-14 GMT
Hi all,

Thank you for entries received so far.

After reviewing all entries, we have combined the most appealing elements from to create a design concept that we would like to pursue. Please review the attached materials.

Ideally, we would like a "Di" symbol with the letters DealerIntelligence following it. The symbol should be mathematical looking with the "i" written as a subscript.

The symbol can be enclosed in a box or circle and used independently on a software application User-Interface or in any other place where it would be instantly recognizable without the letters. The HP logo is somewhat inspriational in style.

We see the letters being presented as a boldened "dealer" and lighter intelligence. We like the font used in "Indicee" and the words could be written on one line or above each other. Each word could be capitalized or left lower-case.

We look forward to reviewing your designs shortly and thank you in advance for taking the time to submit entries.