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Starts: 30-Nov-13 7:07 p.m. GMT

Ends: 11-Dec-13 11:59 p.m. GMT


Award 1: $600, was awarded to miamiman

Award 2: $300, was awarded to airborne

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Beer is fun. And while starting a beer company is a scary proposition, we're hoping to have a lot of fun with it too. We have a unique value proposition that is not just about great beer, but inspiring people as well. We're serious about this so payment is assured. We need your help to create a powerful visual identity for this new venture. Our winning designer will also be invited to help us build out the rest of our creative elements: packaging, website, advertising, you name it as we prepare for our launch.

We hope you take a chance with us as we are looking forward to collaborating with you and maybe sharing some beers along the way.

Let's make something special together.

Update 30-Nov-13 GMT
One additional thought: the name of this beer will be OLD TOMORROW's. But there is a history behind the name. Sir John A Macdonald was a legendary political figure by day, and a prolific drinker by night. His nickname was Old Tomorrow he'd always bounce back the next days despite what seemed like impossible odds at the time. Talk about a real character.
Update 2-Dec-13 GMT
Hi All,

Thank you so much for your initial designs: what a great group we have!
I am going through the process of reviewing each one and want to provide all of you with detailed thoughts.

One question I did get was the colour of the beer bottle. We are going to be proceeding with standard brown bottles across our line up as it bests ensures the quality of the beer (prevents sun rays from damaging the beer) and is the most cost effective for a new brewery.

Thanks and keep it up!

Update 4-Dec-13 GMT
Hi Everyone,

Thank you for your overwhelming passion! I am determined to give everyone very thoughtful feedback. I'll be back on tonight and tomorrow AM so bear with me. Your enthusiasm and talent is infectious!

Update 6-Dec-13 GMT
Hi Everyone,

To clarify, we will only be accepting original illustrations of Sir John A. A lot of you are already doing this, but for those who are not, please consider this before submitting a design.

Three reasons:
1. Fits with our desire for a more contemporary, modern look
2. Avoids legal rights issues on photography and also is in line with Crowd Spring's rules.
3. Is more original, ownable and we can better protect it against competition

Update 7-Dec-13 GMT
Hi everyone,

Thank you for the overwhelming contribution. It had been amazing. I am extending the contest a few days as I felt bad being MIA on Friday and a core member of my team unexpectedly had to travel this weekend and is out of reach. I will be on tonight to provide comments on all the great designs - I just want to give a bit more time for final tweaks.

Thanks for your patience and support.