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Starts: 30-Aug-13 9:30 a.m. GMT

Ends: 19-Sep-13 11:59 p.m. GMT


Award 1: $375, was awarded to SneD

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The provider is a privately owned and Proudly South African company that prides itself in providing quality school and office products at competitive prices.

The provider has a high profile across the major chains and independent stationers in South Africa.

Please see www.flipfile.co.za

To provide high quality, affordable stationery product solutions such as files folders and storage concepts.

We believe in constant research to keep abreast of market demands and introduce new and appropriate products in keeping with current trends. The brand that we are developing is to capture a price sensitive market.

Update 2-Sep-13 GMT
view http://www.prittworld.co.za/en/consumer.html - this is where we are heading with the "new" brand!
Update 4-Sep-13 GMT
Herewith a website that we really like http://www.prittworld.co.za/en/consumer.html

We would like to build a brand that can be used for such a site.

Here is another site we really like: http://www.myschoolstationery.co.za/

Herewith some ideas of what we are looking for in the kangaroo - see the images where the kangaroo is a character or has a face with an expression.

We need the kangaroo to be in a bright, catchy colour and so does the brand name.

Any creative ideas that can depict "stationary" is welcome (such as brush strokes, pencil lines etc).

The main product offering is filing and plastic sleeves as well as plastic pocket books. But the "new" brand and product range will probably be seen on more products (such as storage, writing, paper and other stationery)...

The kangaroo must be something that we can use both for a brand and an image. This means that the kangaroo must be something that we can use on its own ( without the brand name. - And it will still be recognisable as "Kanga" (in future).

We would probably also like for this kangaroo to take on different poses - such as waving, lying down, sitting on something etc. So after the brand has been designed, we would probably make use of the same designer to assist us with this.

There should be some "super hero" feel to the brand - it is a brand that aims to bring affordable products to the market - so people must really see it as a "good alternative" that "satisfies the need for stationery" ... rather than a "cheap buy"...

One can say... "Kanga saves the day!" So the feel of this brand is lively, upbeat, young, exciting... just a lovely brand that will be extended to other areas over time.

Thank you in advance!
Update 4-Sep-13 GMT
More images to inspire!

Please think "stationery" & "kangaroo" - enjoy!!
Update 11-Sep-13 GMT
We are seeing designs being submitted that are now closer to the brief than before and we want to grant more designers an opportunity to participate. We also look forward to revisions from our current creatives.
Update 18-Sep-13 GMT
Dear creatives, we have identified quite a few of you who entered designs close to the brief & that we liked. Look out for star ratings 3-5. Some of you have not submitted further designs, even though we have requested it. Please re-look your designs and our remarks. The "better" designs at the moment are the more colourful ones - those that seem quite playful & fun. We are extending our decision-making and refining to 30 September 2013, and ask of you to please respond to our requests for further design or refinement.