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Starts:23-Aug-13 2:44 a.m. GMT

Ends:1-Sep-13 2:44 a.m. GMT


Award 1: $200, was awarded to yatz


Tip 1: $30, was tipped to Irian


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Uploaded on 23-Aug-13 2:32 a.m. GMT

File 2: IMG_0890.jpg (1.6 MB)

Uploaded on 23-Aug-13 2:32 a.m. GMT

File 3: IMG_0896.jpg (5.6 MB)

Uploaded on 23-Aug-13 2:32 a.m. GMT

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Uploaded on 23-Aug-13 2:32 a.m. GMT

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Uploaded on 23-Aug-13 2:32 a.m. GMT

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Uploaded on 23-Aug-13 2:32 a.m. GMT

File 7: IMG_0871.JPG (4.0 MB)

Uploaded on 23-Aug-13 2:34 a.m. GMT

File 8: IMG_0959.jpg (2.2 MB)

Uploaded on 23-Aug-13 9 p.m. GMT

File 9: IMG_0962.jpg (2.1 MB)

Uploaded on 23-Aug-13 9:03 p.m. GMT

File 10: IMG_0963.jpg (1.9 MB)

Uploaded on 23-Aug-13 9:05 p.m. GMT

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Uploaded on 25-Aug-13 5:25 p.m. GMT

File 12: IMG_0853.JPG (140.6 KB)

Uploaded on 27-Aug-13 11:02 a.m. GMT

Creative brief

The buyer added updates to the brief. Read them.

What is the exact name you would like in your logo?

Sora Martial Arts Center

What is your industry?

Entertainment and Sports

What are the top 3 things you would like to communicate through your logo?

1 - This is not sport - it is a lifestyle like yoga. ( I was going to pick education under the industry title)
we do not teach sport karate here. We teach a lifestyle of self defense, awareness, respect, peace
helping others. I want to teach people to become mindful warriors
2- Combine peace and power. That we have the inner warrior but we remain calm and humble
3- the color or image or communicate the sense of "sky" - the name SORA is sky in japanese and can mean both vast, expansive, empty or void. I want to symbolize openness of mind, expansive and calm.

What logo styles do you like (image + text, image only, text only, etc.)

Image and Text

Do you have any other info or links you want to share?

These websites are going to come down and a new one will be up (maybe another job for crowd spring)
www.limmac.com - this was my website originally and tried to show mixed martial arts is not all about the single aspect of fighting but martial art, yoga and meditation.
www.icmakarate.com is the website of the school I am taking over. Just in case it helps in anyway.
I am open for thought that is why I am here at crowd spring
My original thoughts include:
"enso" from zen traditions open circle
Colors are not set in stone- I do like the blue for sky, I like a red or black "enso"
possibly a dragon in the logo
the japanese symbol for "sora" (there are two, one of them is a single figure that resembles a stick man
and then there is a 2nd symbol that has 2 characters - this is the one for "sora / sky" that I want.

Brief updates

23-Aug-13 2:55 a.m. GMT
I would like to see if the tag line
"Practice with Purpose" can be fit into or under the logo.
Not sure if that is too many words along with the Sora Martial Arts Center?
23-Aug-13 3:52 a.m. GMT
23-Aug-13 3:55 a.m. GMT
image 0879 shows the wrong single character kanji.
Tje simple clean design with close enso in red and kanji in center with name on top looks good but not sure if too simple and plain? The tag line on bottom would become "practice with purpose"
23-Aug-13 3:59 a.m. GMT
Ge 0890 shows ocircle design with kanji on the sides.
The actual kanji design is not correct and is just used for reference.
The kanji on left would be ISSHINRYU
The kanji on right would be BUKIDO
I like the BU KI DO three kanji. also the system we study is based upon Isshinryu karate so to have that kanji may be nice to show or refer to our history
23-Aug-13 4:01 a.m. GMT
Ge 0896 shows both kanji for sora. The one on the left that has 2 characters is the one I want to use in the logo
23-Aug-13 4:02 a.m. GMT
Image 0897 is kanji for Isshinryu
23-Aug-13 4:03 a.m. GMT
Image 0898 is the kanji for BUKIDO
23-Aug-13 9 p.m. GMT
The buyer has uploaded a new file in this project. You can download that file in the DETAILS tab.
23-Aug-13 9:02 p.m. GMT
image 0959 shows how maybe we can have the background colored as blue sky or if black / grey it could be night sky and the kanji shows as white. this is correct sky kanji to use
23-Aug-13 9:03 p.m. GMT
The buyer has uploaded a new file in this project. You can download that file in the DETAILS tab.
23-Aug-13 9:04 p.m. GMT
image 0962 shows a possible way to use dragon and have legs / claws work by holding onto the enso symbol. ??? just some ideas and real bad artwork by me.
23-Aug-13 9:05 p.m. GMT
The buyer has uploaded a new file in this project. You can download that file in the DETAILS tab.
23-Aug-13 9:05 p.m. GMT
image 0963 similar to 0962 but shows the use of other kanji outside the enso.
25-Aug-13 1:23 p.m. GMT
Rating and STARS!! - Designers please understand that I appreciate your effort and work and I do not like to "rate" your work low. I am rating on how well I think you "connect" with my idea and concept. Also my friend says not to rate too many 4-5 stars because people may think I already made my mind up. NO WAY! I am still in the creative process and narrowing down the ideas and concepts and every new logo design helps that process or may open my mind to a new way to see the logo.
SO PLEASE do not think my 5 star means I am done.... Plus I still have my wife to help me and her 4-5 stars may not match mine.... I do respect her thoughts highly and in the end it will be a joint decision to pick a winning design. THANK YOU!!
SO a 3 star from me may be a 4-5 from my wife and is still in the running or means you were close just need to tweak some thought processes. HAVE A GREAT DAY all you creatives.
25-Aug-13 5:25 p.m. GMT
The buyer has uploaded a new file in this project. You can download that file in the DETAILS tab.
27-Aug-13 11:02 a.m. GMT
The buyer has uploaded a new file in this project. You can download that file in the DETAILS tab.
27-Aug-13 11:08 a.m. GMT
The Creatives have been great and have opened my mind to some very nice layouts and designs that had not thought of or imagined! Great job so far and THANK YOU.

Image 0853 is a picture of the Isshinryu design or "patch". The goddess has one hand open for peace and the other hand in a fist for power. She is also a woman on top and a serpent on the bottom to show that she is powerful (able to defend oneself) but that is kept hidden or in background. She is also calm in turbulent water.
The dragon represents the founder Tatsuo.
Without copying the isshinryu design I was looking for some designs to capture this feeling of softness and hardness in the artist own unique way.