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Starts: 18-Jun-13 12:24 a.m. GMT

Ends: 27-Jun-13 12:24 a.m. GMT


Award 1: $400, was awarded to batzorig

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<br /><br />Cloudspace USA is a company offering an extremely easy to use form of "cloud computing services" for small and medium businesses. The expression "cloudspace" is a noun phrase - like office space.

Small business decision makers are the primary buyer/audience (businesses with 5-20 employees). Each user has a unique web logon to the company's "cloud". All data, files, and computer applications are stored on secured servers operated in the US. An individual user is able to store personal files (similar to a c:drive) as well as access the corporate shared information. Regardless of the machine (PC) used, so long as there is internet access and a browser, each user can access all of their data, files, and applications - anywhere, any time. An example of a benefit in this, is there is no need to take a company laptop home (for example) to perform work at home - a desktop at work - and separately a home desktop computer are equally able to access the files.

The purpose of this logo project is for image building.

The final logo will need to be comprised of an image that is separable from the text ... and easily memorable. Text which could be stand-along, and the combined image and text.

Because many similar services use "offshoring" of the cloud - this business is distinctively attractive to small businesses in the US which are not yet comfortable with global services. The "USA" in the name, provides an elevated level of confidence to those otherwise hesitant to use global servicers. Operations (servers and personnel) are located in the lower 48 states.

There may be a way to have some subtle "Americana-ness" to the logo - either through the use of images, or a "nod" to red-white-and-blue.

These "word groups" describe the aspiration for the design

#1 Simple-straightforward-uncomplicated
#2 Elegant-Graceful-Refined-Esthetic
#3 Minimal-Austere-Clean-Unadorned
#4 Ingenious-Clever-Intelligent-Knowledge

these "word groups" are the OPPOSITE of the aspiration - make certain the design is absent these qualities
#14 Grainy-texture-speckled-fragmented
#13 Shocking-outrageous-extreme-acute
#12 Odd-Whimsical-Peculiar-Funny
#11 Mysterious-Shadowy-threatening
<br /><br />

Update 25-Jun-13 GMT
We've received plenty of options. I'm in process of facilitating down to the final few. No additional entries are needed. Thanks to each of you for your cool ideas.

Update 26-Jun-13 GMT
Thanks to all who have participated. We've selected a winner.