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Starts: 17-Jun-13 5:58 p.m. GMT

Ends: 7-Jul-13 11:59 p.m. GMT


Award 1: $450, was awarded to badaboom

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We are a large agricultural egg producing farm; we sell both liquid eggs and shell eggs to the mid-market.

Looking for a clean, simple, intelligent, quality, fun but professional corporate logo.<br /><br />Positive Keywords: Fresh, knowledgeable, trust, dedication, approachable.<br /><br />Looking to stay away from anything industrial, cold, etc.<br /><br />Prefer not to utilize color blue or green, and prefer to utilize orange.

Update 19-Jun-13 GMT
Just a clarification to not use egg whites/yolk and to stick more to shell egg. A bit of a fancier font will likely get picked by our focus group over a bold or block font. Thanks!
Update 27-Jun-13 GMT
Font update: Perhaps simply throwing out fancy for a font description was improper on my part. Let me try to rephrase what I wrote regarding fonts. We're ultimately ok with "non-fancy" fonts but need to stay way from blocky, cold, industrial, etc. Adding a touch of fancy to an otherwise nice but cold font would give it that fun/fresh look. We may be ok with a "fancy" font but it would really need to hit the nail on the head just right, and refrained from a thin wispy font that would be difficult to print via embroidery, or which looks more like a "jeweler's font."
Update 28-Jun-13 GMT
Our physical focus group meeting is July 1st, where we will decide on 5 logos. I'd like the extra 7 days to refine the 5 we choose with the creatives.
Update 28-Jun-13 GMT
Thank you everyone for your contributions so far; we have had some amazing designs and look forward to an internal review of them on July 1st. On this date we will be selecting our favorite 5 and then work on refining them the last 7 days; therefore I have extended the deadline by 7 days.
Update 16-Jul-13 GMT
Thanks everyone for participating, there were some AMAZING designs here!

Sorry it took so long to wrap-up, but in the end the entire project was internally scrapped and we are no longer looking to change the logo. Nonetheless, I picked the winner as the logo that did best in our final focus group decided amongst management, and tipped the second place winner.

Thanks again all for your participation!