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Starts: 7-May-13 6:27 a.m. GMT

Ends: 25-May-13 11:59 p.m. GMT


Award 1: $600, was awarded to Anise

Award 2: $400, was awarded to StudioZ

Award 3: $200, was awarded to badaboom

Award 4: $200, was awarded to tmf315

Award 5: $200, was awarded to AVARTDE

Award 6: $200, was awarded to RaoulCa...

Award 7: $200, was awarded to iancu

Award 8: $200, was awarded to jfab2283

Award 9: $200, was awarded to obidesi...

Award 10: $200, was awarded to miamiman

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This is a great opportunity for designers to come up with creative ideas for a tourism destination logo. Located in the Pacific the island has a rich cultural heritage, biodiversity, great sandy beaches and many local attractions. The island will offer a wide range of accommodation choices, complementary tourism development, cultural and entertainment facilities, diverse recreation and leisure activities.

Update 9-May-13 GMT
Dear all,

We thank you for your interest and submissions. We have already seen some nice ideas and we feel we express some further thoughts:
- We like the turtle idea, but we would prefer something more creative and different. Unfortunately the turtle is very common in logo design, and there are lots on examples (even by a quick Google search). We would appreciate a new interpretation, fresh, and creative of the turtle. Should not be too abstract as people will not understand the story behind it
- Regarding the fonts, they are not bad, quite interesting. Keep up the good work.
- Another suggestion will be to pay attention on the fact that this will be a premier international destination
- The “tropical” characteristic should not be taken literary by showing palms or the sun
- The logo should be unique, easy to recognize and understand, and has to stir some emotion in people.
- Last but not least please check our attached logo references as we appreciate the concepts behind the graphical expressions

Thank you all for your efforts and looking forward to new and great ideas.
Update 13-May-13 GMT
Dear Designers,

Just wanted to share our thanks and appreciation for all your efforts. We know all of you have tried hard on revising concepts and come up with fresh and creative ideas.
Please keep in mind our brief and if we provided separate feedback to some of you, we just did to encourage your work and entries.

Once again thank you for all your entries and we are excited to see new ideas.
Good luck and lots of inspiration!
Update 20-May-13 GMT
Dear all,

We appreciate your amazing work and ideas. We are very happy that all of you expressed nice and creative options for our logo. This is just to highlight our appreciation for all your hard work. We still have 30 hours ahead and we are expecting new ideas.
One again thanks you for all your hard work.
Update 20-May-13 GMT
Hey guys,

We are surprised by the great job that you did so far and we will extend our project until 26-May-13.
Thanks and looking forward to new creative ideas.
Update 21-May-13 GMT

Thank you all for your amazing ideas and effort.
We just want to highlight some answers at the questions we received so far:
We need our logo to be reproduced across all sorts of different media, including print, web, embroidery and billboards.
The font has to match the qualities of the brand. Here the only suggestion will be to avoid gimmicky fonts.
The design has to be active, not passive. For example the way the turtle will be displayed has to suggest movement and motion. A short example: a fish will look in motion if it’s mid jump or swim, but will look static if drawn side on as if it’s been mounted on a wall. Please keep in mind that all this are not rules, just some thoughts. We are open to your ideas and we are impressed by your creativity.
Thank you.