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Starts: 25-Apr-13 1:38 a.m. GMT

Ends: 12-May-13 11:59 p.m. GMT


Award 1: $300, was awarded to neomati...

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What's the second highest expense you have? Your car... Take control with eDriveLife!! Phase one of our business plan Starts with a pilot auto dealership in San Diego, CA. From there we will actively market to car owners who want another option in dealing with the sale of their car.

No longer will you have to make choices between trading in, selling to a dealer, or dealing with strangers coming to your house. Your car will be preped much like a dealer does it, then the car will be professionally marketed and sold. In some cases that may mean, in addition to our own facilities, we may negotiate for a dealer to display your car on their lot, but always with you in control and our team advising you and making sure it is done right. All at either a fixed fee or a percentage fee, thats up to you.

This logo will be featured on our web site, stationary and additionally it will also be prominently displayed at each dealership location "eDriveLife (Motors? Auto Sales?)". Then, moving forward we will evolve to an expanded role in helping you, our customer, manage your automobile investment. Empowering you with tools like vehicle monitoring, smart phone enables gps vehicle location, blue tooth maintenance monitoring and a system of cost effective vehicle repair that matches how a vehicle is repaired with its stage of life.

Taking control through your own online tools, controlling your eDriveLife. Colors should include British racing green as well as gold. Our initial target customers will be people who own Porsche, BMW, Mercedes who care about driving a great car, so the image needs to be upscale, but not unapproachable.

Update 25-Apr-13 GMT
It is possible that this logo may be used in both a vertical or in a horizontal orientation. In addition to the website, we will be ordering signage for our first building, so it needs to work in that orientation. If requested, I can supply a picture of that building for your consideration.
Update 25-Apr-13 GMT
Please consider that the key focus should probably be on the work Life rather than drive. In fact, if you look up the ancient symbols used to depict life, you might find some inspiration there.
Update 25-Apr-13 GMT
I am very impressed with the promptness with which you all took on this opportunity. Overall I love the creativity. And each of you has taken the importance of the LIFE portion to heart. But remember, we are in the car business. What part of your design makes it clear the we are DRIVING LIfe.

So impressed with these initial submissions!!! Keep it up!
Update 26-Apr-13 GMT
Thanks for all of the great work so far. I would like to see someone try considering that an application may be as a "badge" on a grill or bumper, in addition to being a name on a building, graphic on a website.
Update 29-Apr-13 GMT
The buyer has uploaded a new file in this project. You can download that file in the DETAILS tab.
Update 8-May-13 GMT
The extension is to allow us time to suggest better fonts to combine with the best graphic. We are very pleased with the quality of the submissions and would be happy with several of the designs. In fact, there are options that we would even use in addition to the chosen winner, if we could. Those that will be moved to a score of 5 today and tomorrow will be the finalists. Unfortunately it will be Saturday before we can focus our attention on the final selection.