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Starts: 13-Jun-12 7:51 p.m. GMT

Ends: 28-Jun-12 7:51 p.m. GMT


Award 1: $1800, was awarded to badaboom

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ACME AtronOmatic is a company that designs and sells a number of general-purpose mobile web applicaitons, as well as a number of web sites and services geared towards the general public and to the aviation industry. We're in need of a cool, funky logo to reflect the people who work for the company, and the creative ideas we implement in the form of mobile apps and software.

Some important explanations behind the name of the company; ACME was a fictional manufacturing company features in the old Warner Brothers "Buggs Bunny" cartoons featuring Wile E Coyote. The company often made any number of imaginative and innovative "widgets" that solved just about any problem. This definitely reflects the spirit of our company.

"AtronOmatic" is a play on the trendy marketing buzz terms that appeared in the 50's through the 70's, and was usually used to imply some kind of futuristic functionality. The suffixes often found homes in sci-fi movies and other shows of the genre, as well as being used in naming what were, at the time, modern appliances that were invented to simplify life around the home or work - again, reflecting the spirit of our company.

Generall, the short-hand name of our company will be "ACME", and that part of the company name can be featured more prominently in the logo. The "AtronOmatic" portion helps us distinguish ourselves a bit more (from other uses of ACME over the years), and while an important part of our company name, it can be featured less prominently in the logo.

In historic uses of the terms, ACME was often in the "stencil" type font, being featured prominently on shipping crates in the cartoons. "Atron" and "Omatic" were often used in some kind of futuristic looking script font. While these are some examples of how these terms were used in the past, they are merely suggestions as how to interpret them; we'd like to see what a creative developer could come up with :)