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Starts: 21-Feb-12 11:04 a.m. GMT

Ends: 28-Feb-12 11:04 a.m. GMT


Award 1: $500, was awarded to monotz

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Logo design for exciting new startup. We got a good name for you to work with, short, symetric and cool, and need a logo concept that works for a number of "sub" brands - on everything from a poster to a small mobile device.

Update 24-Feb-12 GMT
Wow!!! - Thanks guys - we´ve got so much creativity in and some really good proposals. Highly appreciated.
Now - all these good ideas has lead to some thoughts too and we´ve come to a conclusion that our logo needs a "cloud" - thats what we do - we do apple for mobiles hosted and created in the cloud.

So if any of you are up for round 2 we would like to see a few examples of zappio in a custom font (modern but contemporary) with a cloud.

The cloud could be sticked together and go from the z or i and wrap around the text - or it could be a cloud with a nice´n cool Z in it. I´ll upload a few sketches too to show some ideas.
Update 24-Feb-12 GMT
Hi, I tried to sketch some ideas up here, it´s kind´a blurry because I don't want to dictate too much on font etc. - this is only an idea. A cloud with a "flash" as the "Z" would be interesting - especially if the Z could be reused in other ways, maybe like this in a chefs hat to show restaurants. Have a look at
Update 27-Feb-12 GMT
Hi all fantastic designers!
What a job - we´re totally amazed by your work and commitment - thank you so much!

We have yet not voted all designs, we have a bunch that we love and a few that might be "something" and will work hard to narrow this down today.

We asked you to work with the sky witch resulted in many great proposals. From the beginning we had another logo proposal that we still like quiet a lot but - it lacks some "finish", debt, perspective, details or whatever to make it stand out 100% - so if any of you have "more in you" - we´d like to see a few ideas on how this could be used alternatively.
The form should be intact - it should work on light/dark background, it should work on 1-color print, but could have more details on web.

Again - you guys rocks - ALL OF YOU! :)