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„glücksgas“ is a german natural gas provider selling cheap tariffs to clients from the private- and business-sector. When choosing glücksgas as new provider, a client can save hundrets of Euros of heating costs per year. One special feature of glücksgas is that the founders and associates are full-time chimney sweepers. Everyone of them is constantly visiting clients for cleanig chimneys and maintining heating systems. So glücksgas uses these visits for promoting their gas tariffs.
At the moment „glücksgas“ is becoming main sponsor of „Stadion Dresden“ which is a big soccer arena in Dresden. For this reason they want to redesign their logo.

Update 12-Jan-11 GMT
Important: the timeframe for this project is quite short. We plan to present the first drafts already this Saturday. So if you are interested, please do not hesitate to hand in your drafts until then.
Update 13-Jan-11 GMT
You could try a shamrock with 4 leaves. This is also a symbol of luck in germany.

Anyway: All drafts posted yet are not reputable enough. The signet should be abstract and stylish.
Update 13-Jan-11 GMT
please check out these drafts from another project. These are exactly the STYLE we like

Update 13-Jan-11 GMT
I've been informed, that you weren't able to check out my links. So I uploaded the two logos to the "Materials"-section of this project
Update 14-Jan-11 GMT
Ok thanks for now. We are finishing round one here with a shortlist of ten candidates. Tomorow we will know more. Thank you all for taking part.
Update 17-Jan-11 GMT
Ok guys. Our client especially likes those logos that have a shamrock or a shamrock combined with a flame. Maybe you want to send more of those...? :)
Update 17-Jan-11 GMT
another update. Please use only BLACK and YELLOW #ffd004 / (RGB) 255-208-4 in your designs
Update 18-Jan-11 GMT
Another update: Our client decided, that we should use UNIVERS bold and UNIVERS roman for the letters.
Please check gluecksgas.pdf -> Like this it should be done.
I uploaded the two fonts in my materials section. Please don't reuse for another project ;)

Also important: The letters should be BLACK, and BLACK only!
Update 24-Jan-11 GMT
OK guys, thanks for your patience. Unfortunately another CEO of glücksgas suddenly interfered in this project, and he wants to see more logos that have something to do with the typical chimney sweep insignias, e.g. cylindar hats, ladders, chimneys, roofs, etc.
Personally I am not so sure if thats a good idea, but lets see.
Update 10-Mar-11 GMT
Hi all,

We just wanted to let you know that we've issued a cS award to user "geedsign" for their great work - congrats, geedsign!

If you're wondering why cS stepped in, unfortunately, this project closed over 30 days ago and the buyer has not awarded. In these cases, crowdSPRING picks a winner to ensure that at least someone gets an award.

Thanks so much for participating and see you around the site,

The crowdSPRING crew