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Starts: 28-May-10 4:33 a.m. GMT

Ends: 12-Jun-10 4:33 a.m. GMT


Award 1: $1500, was awarded to skymaya

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Established television network needs a new logo designed. This is a fantastic opportunity to help craft a respected brand with national exposure.

Update 1-Jun-10 GMT
Hello Fellow crowdSPRING Designers!

Thanks so much for all the great initial work that has been posted here. The IMPOSSIBLE team is very excited to see so much clever thinking in such a short period of time!

If we can offer some overall feedback on the designs so far plus some additional creative brief details:

1. Perhaps it goes without saying, but in addition to PRIDE and HUMANITY, please work around the concepts of TV and ENTERTAINMENT as well.

2. Feel free to use the color orange, but please don't depend upon it! Designs relying on an entirely different color with just an accent of orange (or no orange at all) are welcome.

3. Remember that for television, a logo must work at various sizes. Typically this means a logo that can be elegantly simplified to a small, clean mark (for use as a corner bug) is ideal. Example: note how the Discovery Channel logo reduces their logo to just the "D" with the globe for use as a bug.

4. Few designs so far have captured the feelings of PRIDE and HUMANITY. So please push farther! If things get too wild or wacky, we will pull you back. Suggestions for words and concepts that speak to PRIDE, HUMANITY (and TV and ENTERTAINMENT as well) might be flair, flower power, eyes, 70's, funk, party, celebration, ribbons, prize, decorations, music, banner, flag, chest up, swell, embrace, swagger, salute, arms outstretched, arms crossed, showcase, stand up, stand out, fist, community, etc.

Thanks again and good luck!

Update 2-Jun-10 GMT
We are so glad to see so much smart design being brought to bear on the TV One logo project!

In case this helps, here is one more word you may add to the creative brief: HOPE.

So to recap, we are looking for logo designs that really capture a brand essence as follows:


Thanks again everyone, we are very pleased with the solid work being contributed here. Good luck to you all!

Update 7-Jun-10 GMT
Designers: lots of progress in the past few days, thank you!

Please pay careful attention to the brief as well as the designs that are receiving scores of 3 or 4 stars.

Also, please AVOID swooshes, crescents, arcs, etc. Those elements are just too overused in thousands of other logos.

Final suggestion: some designers have developed interesting use of the 3rd dimension, by creating overlapping elements, or positive / negative space, etc. There is definitely more room for exploration along these lines.

Thanks again for all the hard work and best of luck to each and everyone of you!

Update 7-Jun-10 GMT
We forgot to mention, other things to AVOID:

1. Any icons or graphics that look like a TV set or TV antennas.

2. Reliance on just the number "1". The word "ONE" or "one" must be clearly readable in your designs.

Hope this helps, thanks again!

Update 7-Jun-10 GMT
One more thing to AVOID: maps, globes, Africa, etc.

Hope that helps. Thanks and good luck!

Update 7-Jun-10 GMT
After reviewing the latest submissions and after getting feedback from our client, here is one overall observation: many designs here are placing too much emphasis on the use of the number "1". Remember, TV One is not a network that anyone will find by tuning into channel 1 on the TV set, so any use of the number "1" should be minimal, if at all, unless it somehow reinforces the brand essence per the creative brief.

Thanks for everyone taking such good direction and keeping the designs coming. Best of luck!