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Chuck PalahniukPoster design

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Madison Children's MuseumLogo design

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Consulting firmWebsite design

Mell website designs

Financial Consulting Firm

  • Award: $1000
  • Category: Website design
  • Results: 190 entries in 14 days

Mell Investment Group provides financial guidance and investment advice to high net worth individuals. The Group came to crowdSPRING looking for an elegant, refined and professional website design that would appeal to their target audience: conservative individuals 40 years and older, accustomed to upscale products and services. During the Group's two week project, they received 190 unique website design concepts.

Madison Children's Museum logos

Madison Children's Museum

  • Award: $1000
  • Category: Logo design
  • Results: 749 entries in 14 days

Madison Children's Museum (MCM) is an award-winning organization in Madison, Wisconsin that was opening a new facility. They wanted a new logo to build on and modernize their 30 year heritage so they turned to crowdSPRING to help. We delivered 749 options to choose from in 14 short days.

Chuck Palahniuk posters

Chuck Palahniuk

  • Award: $1200
  • Category: Logo design
  • Results: 417 entries in 14 days

Worldwide publisher Doubleday and author Chuck Palahniuk - the infamous author of Fight Club - wanted a 1950's movie-style poster to catch the eye and arouse the implacable desire to run out and buy Palahniuk's newest book, TELL-ALL!. The crowdSPRING community delivered over 400 amazing designs in a matter of days.

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