What is mySPRING?

mySPRING is your own little area of the site where you can fully manage your user account, notification settings, private messages, portfolio and more.

Here is what you can do:

In the Projects tab:

• Manage the projects on your watchlist.

• Manage and review your project drafts.

• See the list of projects that you've posted.

• See the list of projects you are participating in.

• Manage the email notifications you are receiving on the projects you are participating in.

• Subscribe to our RSS feeds.

In the Messages tab:

• Send and receive Private Messages.

• Add and manage your Contacts list.

In the Profile tab:

• Check your public profile.

• Change your avatar.

• Update your personal information.

• Set your email settings and subscribe to our newsletter.

• Change your password.

o Remove your account (though it will make us sad to see you go).

o Check your ratings.

In the Portfolio:

• Upload your great work to your portfolio

• Send your portfolio to friends

Last updated: 23-Jan-15 4:37 p.m. GMT

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