What information will I need to provide to receive payment via a bank wire?

We can easily pay you through a direct bank wire transfer and this is currently the best option outside of PayPal.

When you are awarded a project you will be given the choice of payment via PayPal, or payment via a bank wire. If you choose a wire transfer, we will ask for the following information from your bank (they should be able to provide you with this over the phone):
*Bank Name
*Bank Address
*Bank City
*Bank State or Province
*Bank Postal code
*Bank Country
*The name on the account
*Your account number

Our bank charges us a fee for overseas wires and we would deduct this cost from your total award won. The fee for USD is $28 and for your native currency it is $20. Here is a link to more information on project wrapup.

Last updated: 29-Oct-13 7:20 p.m. GMT

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