A Guide to Payments for Creatives

The first time you participate in a project you will be required to provide your payout account information; to do this, go to your mySPRING page, and click the tab labeled "Payment." This is your control panel for any payments due from the completed projects you have won; on this page, you can view the projects that are ready for payout, edit and store your PayPal and bank account wire information, and schedule the payments at your convenience!

The first section, at the top of the page, lists all of the projects that are awaiting payment to you and the total balance available. This list displays the project name, category, the date it was completed and the amount of the award. The big green button labeled "Schedule payment" will display if you have awards available for payout. Click it and a confirmation window will appear with information on which of accounts are available for the payment, the full amount that will be sent, any fees that will be deducted from your payment (if you choose to be paid via bankwire), the account details, and the date your payment will be sent. (Note: If you are a newly registered creative, your award will not be available to schedule for 30 days after completion of your first project wrapup.)

The second section is a list of the PayPal and bank accounts which are available to send funds to; you can add accounts by clicking the big button labeled "+ Add account." When you add an account we will ask for some personal information as well as the account information (for PayPal we require only your PayPal email, for bank accounts we require additional information on your account as well as your bank branch (click here to see the full list of the information required from your bank). You can edit or delete your existing accounts and set one of your accounts as the "Preferred" or default account for payments. If you need to send a note or additional information to your bank along with the payment, you can add it to the bank account by clicking the "Edit" button.

At the bottom of the page is the third section, which is a list of all scheduled payments as well as your past payments. When you schedule a payment, it will appear here and display the amount to be paid, any fees that will be deducted, the type of payment (PayPal or Bank wire), the account the payment will be sent to, the date payment is scheduled to be released, the status of the payment (pending, paid, or cancelled) and a link to view the projects that are included in that payment. For pending payments, you can click the link labeled "cancel" and those projects will return to the list of Projects awaiting payment at the top of the page.

We make payments via PayPal every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and via bank wire every Wednesday. In order to be included, payouts must be scheduled prior to Midnight GMT of the day before a PayPal or Bank Wire day. There is no charge to Creatives for payments made to your PayPal account; if you do not have a PayPal account, we recommend that you register an account right now. For Creatives who reside in a country where PayPal payments are not available, you can choose to be paid through a direct bank wire transfer. Our bank charges us a $28 fee for overseas wires ($20 if your country's currency is available on the system!) and we will deduct this cost from your total award.

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