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PassportParking is growing out of its name and we are looking for a more appropriate one. We specialize in creating mobile payment applications and other software systems for the parking and transit industries.

In other words, lots of people use our mobile payment application to pay for parking and to get on the bus, or the train.

We are looking for a name change because "Parking" is a name which does not reflect what we do, as we build systems for transit, as well. We believe that "Urban Mobility" better reflects the sector that we specialize in providing solutions for.

"Urban Mobility" is a term that defines how a city dweller moves around their city. This could be driving, taking the bus, taking the subway, taking a taxi, biking or walking.

We believe our company is transitioning into a technology provider that improves "Urban Mobility" by making applications for city dwellers and the municipalities to improve this important city function. We make apps to improve parking information and processes, and we also do the same for transit systems.

We believe the naming solution could be be of one of two varieties. Either a 'parent' name with 2 children. (ie PassportMobile, with the sub-brands PassportParking and PassportTransit) or a new name altogether which solves the entire problem.

We are open to both solution types (or anything else you may come up with).