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We are starting a company that will create, develop, and manufacture (in the USA) revolutionary drinkware products. Our mission is to reduce the BILLIONS of paper and foam coffee cups thrown in landfills each year by offering on-trend refillable cup, tumbler, and mug options for consumers.

We are looking for a company name that reflects this passion, innovation, ans spirit.

Update 9-Jul-14 GMT
Please refrain from using the following words in the name

Update 10-Jul-14 GMT
Thank you to everyone who has submitted ideas...we are getting closer...

Please keep in mind the central concept is a lifestyle brand where this new product becomes a new behavior, habit, or routine for the consumer.

thanks again.
Update 10-Jul-14 GMT
Please do not use the word "Green" in the brand...we want to focus on the lifestyle or behavior...this leads to being green...
Update 21-Jul-14 GMT
Thank you everyone...many good options and I see great improvement...let's go a couple more days! thank you!!!