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Creative brief

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What does your company do?

My company develops plans for catastrophic events by creating plan documents and tools for emergency managers. We are developing an App for Ipad to help emergency managers navigate all the documents and tools so that they find what they need very quickly. I want to give a NAME to that App. I am asking the creatives to create the NAME for the APP. We do NOT have a LOGO or APP ICON design at this time.

Do you require that a .COM or other URL be available for the new name?

I do not need a .com or URL

What is your industry?

Government and Municipal

Describe your customers

My audience is primarily emergency managers. They are the people that work in an Emergency Operations Center and their primary task is to coordinate the agencies that respond to a catastrophic event. Emergency managers coordinate information to everyone so we all see the same common operation picture, we coordinate the right stuff that needs to get to the right place at the right time, and we manage the consequences of an event including the ones no one has thought of prior to the incident.

What 3 things do you want your company name to communicate to your customers?

I want to communicate that at in the event of a disater any emergencyemergency manager can find the right plan or the right emergency management tool they need just by clicking on our APP icon.

List the names of your top three competitors

Dont have any

What character, tenor, or spirit do you wish to convey?

quick, effective, no nonsese, immdiate, intuitive and EASY

Are there any words or phrases you especially like or hate?

corny cheezy terms . This is a serious issue and I need to convey gravity

Do you have other info you want to share?

Think of the APP as a tool for emergency managers so "in case of emergency BREAK GLASS" . We want a NAME that reflects that immidiacy and usefulness.

Brief updates

12-Jun-13 5:57 p.m. GMT
Emergency Managers are coordinators and not field responders like Firemen or Police officers. Emergency managers convene people from different agencies and they work in Operations Centers to cooridnate information to everyone, and cooridnate resources and also solve problems so that the guys on the ground and in the field can do their joibs and be more effective.
13-Jun-13 11:53 a.m. GMT
I have gotten a good number of ideas from many of you and that's great!! Id like to focus your efforts though.
The idea I want to convey is of an emergency manager (EM) working in an Emergency Operations Center (EOC) or some other associated space and who is suddenly faced with a really bad event -a catastrophe- and now has only minutes or hours to get a grip of the disaster before it escalates out of his control. To do this the EM must pull herself out of the "emotional basement" that humans regress to when really bad things happen and then start to put pull together the INCIDENT SPECIFIC ORGANIZATION of agency people that will now come together to manage this event. To get the EM started my team has build plans and tools that provide easy to use directions/checklists to enable immediate and effective action by the EM.
The NAME should convey something like" this is a monster disaster and to enable your effective action BREAK GLASS NOW and find everything you need to"

I will also attach some blog postings I have to help you grasp the picture of my audience : the Emergency Manager
13-Jun-13 12:01 p.m. GMT
The following are blog posts regarding emergency managers and what they do. I hope it will clarify who is my audience. The NAME must be intuitive and catchy for them and when they will see the APP NAME and icon they will immediately get that to click on it means access plans, checklists, agenda, task force membership lists and other coordination tools that will help him or her do their job effectively in the middle of a monstrous day.
Dina posted to Dina Maniotis's Posts.

Getting big enough fast enough
Emergency managers build the organization we need to manage a disaster response; to get our arms around the job as fast as we can. That is a critical milestone in every disaster; when we “get our arms around the job”. This is when all levels of the organization - in the field, the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) and the capitol - have attained their maximum level of competence and all problems are getting solved. At this point every operation has the information and the resources it needs and is working at a steady, effective pace. The job is not yet over and may not even be close, but the trajectory of the job has turned and is beginning to point down. We have turned the corner and can see the end; and more importantly, we know how to get there.
For emergency managers the corner is a very important place. Although order is not yet restored there is a sense of order; a promise that it will be restored. That sense of order is palpable; especially with the Mayor and the public. We can begin to relax when we turn the corner; we’re working just as hard – maybe harder – but our blood pressure drops. We can even begin to enjoy our work again. After all this is why we got into this business in the first place.
Dina posted to Dina Maniotis's Posts.
emergency management gaps
In a disaster emergency managers manage time by managing the million conversations it takes to run a job. By manage I mean “eliminate” The fewer conversations we need to get the job done; and the shorter we make every conversation; the faster we can work and the more effective we can be.
The conversation burden of catastrophes is enormous. Fear and uncertainty are potent generators of human conversation. We get behind because so much of what we are faced with is frightening and new. We need to understand conditions on the ground, find something we don’t have, agree on a new course of action or convince someone to accept a new mission takes people talking. The newer (i.e., outside our standard procedure or our imagination) the topic the more and longer the conversations required. But our standard process does not include building an organization big and robust enough to accommodate this. Gaps in mission and procedures, prevent the right people from getting in the right place. These gaps themselves require a million conversations to overcome. Conversations we simply don’t have the time for.
Dina added an answer.
Disaster Management: What are the key areas in disaster management?
At the agency level most often in an Emergency Operation Center key areas are
1. Information management to build situational awareness and a common operating picture
2. Resource management: getting tHe right stuff at the right time to the. Right place
3. consequence management: build incident specific organization and weld missions to the agencies/individual on that org chart

Dina added an answer. 3 votes by Constantine Anastasakis, Jay Brandt, and Niral Patel
Emergency Management: What exactly is emergency management? Is it like police work?
The truth is that emergency management is like insurance – a daily cost whose value becomes apparent only when really bad stuff happens. Worse yet - because our mission is to enable others to work effectively - even in the largest disasters we are barely visible precisely because we are doing our jobs. So how to explain this; how do I convey the value of this peace of mind, this protection from the failures that big disasters bring?

Emergencies happen every day here and everywhere and as chaotic and disruptive as they are to those involved, the vast majority of these emergencies do not need to be “managed.” They' re handled by experienced police officers, firefighters and EMTs as routine matters without the need for additional information or resources. But the spectrum of disaster incident types is huge , and extends from motor vehicle accidents to car chases on one end to large-scale disasters on the other. Somewhere along that spectrum begin those incident types that require support – such as specialized personnel, expertise, equipment or materials - that is beyond the capability of the involved agencies. That’s where we come in…. Emergency Managers We coordinate the right resources to get to the right place at the right time, we coordinate information and make sure all stakeholders are talking to each other and we manage the consequences that large disasters bring.

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18-Jun-13 9:44 a.m. GMT
i have gotten many good tries and excellent participation from creatives. I have not yet gotten that special NAME that will immediately resonate with me and other emergency manager who works in Emergency Operations Centers . I am still waiting for that catchy easy to grasp and memorable NAME and I know someone out there has it!