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Starts: 13-Mar-14 6:37 p.m. GMT

Ends: 1-Apr-14 11:59 p.m. GMT


Award 1: $479, was awarded to Rittenh...

Award 2: $200, was awarded to vickhick

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A Cool Cloud Technology Company Needs A Strong Brand : We are a group of smart people with big ambitions and we need a name for our new company, we work with cloud, desktop and virtualization technologies to create awesome solutions for our customers who want to outsource their IT.

Update 13-Mar-14 GMT

Guys we do not mind the use of the word cloud, but its getting a bit too much.

Can we have some none cloud names too please ?

UNLESS you have an awesome cloud name, otherwise don't use cloud.


Update 18-Mar-14 GMT
Many thanks for your entries so far. Please can you guys ignore the word orbit or the bit in our brief where we describe what we like ?

We are looking for a fresh name that is nothing to do with orbit (or cloud unless its really good), we keep seeing orbit pop up and we dont like the word anymore.

Thank you for your efforts !
Update 20-Mar-14 GMT
Hello all and thank you for your fantastic ideas so far, we have seen a few good ideas and lots that do not really resonate with us.

We wanted to underline the message that we are looking for a cool and fresh name, one that does not necessarily have to have anything to do with cloud or anything we have mentioned so far, we want to be surprised with something unexpected.

We can see you have bundles of creativity between you all and we know that one of you has our name in your head, so please keep submitting your entries !

If you have a crazy name, we want to hear it :)

Good luck !
Update 24-Mar-14 GMT
Hello all, we are extending the deadline a little because we still have not seen what we want yet. There are some fantastic names to choose from, but we want one to stand out amongst the rest and think you guys still have that name in you. Please do enter another name, give us your best shot, we appreciate it !
Update 24-Mar-14 GMT
CHANGE OF TACK : The CEO just saw the names and sad we can choose names that already have registered domain names as long as they are for sale.

So you are no longer restricted to just names that have a free .com to register.

ALSO : He wants something short and snappy, a short name that doesn't have the word cloud or desktop in it.

Thank you for your entries so far, if you have any short names we would love to see them !