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Seeking fanciful or suggestive company name that connotes the concept of gaining the clarity and confidence to courageously and bravely step off the beaten path to be 100% authentic about who you are, especially when you're facing a crossroad in life. A thoughtful, refined name that's appealing to business professionals and executives.

Update 18-Feb-14 GMT
Hi everyone,

The Buyer in this project meant to increase the award TO $300, but accidentally increased it BY $300. The award has been adjusted. We wanted to let you know right away.

Sorry for the confusion, and thanks bunches for your understanding.

The Crew
Update 18-Feb-14 GMT
I would also be open to an "Arbitrary" name that's a real word if you're able to come up with a good word that encapsulates my brief. It just can't be directly "descriptive" of my coaching or consulting services, as I wouldn't be able to clear the trademark. Thanks.
Update 19-Feb-14 GMT
As a reminder, one of the requirements in the Brief is that the word must be fewer than 9 characters long. If you submit an idea that's longer than that, I'll likely reject. Sorry to have to be so strict, but conciseness is very important to me. Thank you.
Update 20-Feb-14 GMT
Thanks to everyone for your submissions. Some really interesting ideas here. The names that are tending to resonate with me are those that are a single word that's either invented or inspired by the origins of the word (e.g., Latin, etc). I'm leaning away from those names that are simply compound combinations of shorter words, as they don't feel as elegant to me.

Also, as a reminder (and as indicated in the Brief), I would need the base name to be available in .COM, .NET, and .ORG without any modifiers, although I may add "Consulting" or "Coaching" after the name in descriptions of my company, etc. For the URL though, I would need the base name to be available and not in conflict with other existing businesses.

Would continue to welcome your ideas, as I've not yet found what I'm looking for, and as you can see, there's still room at the top here for the names I'm rating highly. I realise this is a very difficult Brief, especially finding a name not in use. It's no easy task, and I recognise that, which is why I would love your help with this.

Thank you so much for your creative energy and input. Looking forward to receiving more ideas. -Joseph
Update 20-Feb-14 GMT
Since I've gotten a few questions about arbitrary names, I'd be open to a strong, solid arbitrary name (e.g., a real word that isn't directly connected with coaching, but related to the ideas in my brief). If you come up with a solid real, arbitrary name, getting the .COM would be ideal. However, I realise this is a long shot, so I'd be willing to give up on the base name .COM URL being available as long as I could get the and and no other consulting or coaching firm exists with that name. Thanks!
Update 23-Feb-14 GMT
I wanted to thank all of you for all your amazing ideas. I've been overwhelmed by the influx of ideas covering a wide range of topics. Per the brief, most of the focus up to this point has been on suggestive and fanciful names. Coming into the final 48 hours of this, I've been also thinking about whether there could be some value in trying to brainstorm around the idea of "Relaunching one's career" and turning a short slogan into a company name.

I'd invite you now to explore something around the idea of a catch-phrase or slogan as a company name, although these can be harder to register as Trademarks. I was thinking "Relaunch Yourself," but my attorneys have advised this may be considered too descriptive of what I actually do, which couldn't clear the TM office. The rules are that a slogan can't be laudatory or descriptive. So I'm wondering if you might have any other ideas of a different version of this where we retain the word, "Relaunch" but make the 2-3 word phrase a bit more vague and less "descriptive."

For example, there's a company out there called "Live Your Legend." Here are some other example:

Thanks for your continued effort here. Really appreciate the creative energy.
Update 24-Feb-14 GMT
Thank you all for exploring the slogan approach. After reviewing most of the entries, I think the original path of looking at coined or suggestive invented words is the way to go. A word that I can truly own that's short and pairs nicely with Coaching or Consulting.

As a reminder, the base TLD of .COM needs to be available along with, .net, and .org along with NAMEConsulting .com, .net, .org.

I know this is not an easy Brief, and I also realise how frustrating it can be to come up with a great idea only to discover that the URL is gone. I've been brainstorming along with all of you, feeding off your creative energy to see if I can also come up with some ideas, and the biggest barrier is coming up with something that's truly ownable, knowing that many names and URLs are not available.

I'd love any remaining coined words that connote clarity, confidence, and/or courage as we enter the last 18 hours of this project. I've loved hearing from all of you.

Finally, I've been doing my best to add clarifying comments to every single entry, but as we've now crossed the 400 entries mark, I'm having to go more quickly through all the entries. If I'm not able to comment on every one at this point, just know that I'm reviewing all ideas and considering them carefully. Thank you.
Update 25-Feb-14 GMT
Thank you, everyone for all your submissions. With this project drawing to a close, I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your efforts to help me come up with my company name. I've been overwhelmed by the response and the positive words and personal notes you've shared related to my work and mission.

Just so you're aware, I'm going to be reviewing all entries and thinking carefully about the name I'd like to choose. This will involve doing a bit of due diligence on the top names and also reviewing with my Legal team. While I will not be choosing a winner today, rest assured I will be aiming to make a decision this week after I've had time to fully vet the ideas. I appreciate your patience.

As an update, with about 1 hour left to go, I've narrowed to roughly 3 leading creative paths, which could increase, depending on what comes in during the last hour, so I have some big decisions to make here. I've already been in touch with some of you indicating my strong interest in your ideas. For others, I'd welcome any final ideas you may have, and I also wanted to personally thank you for your efforts too.

I couldn't have done this without you!