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Starts: 6-Jun-13 9:52 a.m. GMT

Ends: 31-Jul-13 2:18 p.m. GMT


Award 1: $500, was awarded to shaunda

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Product X is a next-generation 'context aware' mobile engagement tool. It allows you to see who your users REALLY are, and to reach out and engage with them directly, to form conversations and create a dialouge between brand and customer.

Update 7-Jun-13 GMT
Ok guys thanks for all the submissions so far. We haven't really come close to what we are looking for just yet.

* Can you please make the names more about engagement (you don't need to use the term engage, probably best you didn't)

* Think about how you would communicate with large groups of people

Keep them coming, thanks
Update 12-Jun-13 GMT
Hi everyone we have decided to extend the deadline a couple of days as we haven't found our name just yet...

But I know it's out there somewhere..

A few suggestions for you to try your name around:

Instant feedback (but please don't use the word instant or any abbreviations of it)

Thank you to all who have participated so far
Update 12-Jun-13 GMT
Ok so I haven't had time yet to reply to everyone just yet...

just to add to my last update,
please avoid using the terms "data", "social"

Something around "impact" maybe...We like the term "DeepImpact" but we don't want to be like the movie... What would you replace "deep" with but still has a similar meaning...

Update 25-Jul-13 GMT

We have made updates to our brief for this project. Please read the following:
*Mobile Engagement product - What would you call it?*

Our product is almost ready to launch and we still do not have a name! We
have tried desperately to find the right name but although we have been
close we still think we can do better.

*What we have made*

The product is a *two-way communication/Engagement* application that
enables conversations and interactions between customer and company through
a mobile application.

*Product focus*

* *

The product focuses on building stronger relationships between customer and
company by offering a channel of two-way communication through the company
mobile app.

We want customers to instantly have access to their favourite brands so
that they can engage in real-time, anytime, and anywhere using their
smartphone device.

We provide the ability to organisations to scale one-to-one relationships

*(1) Customer Support*


I am an angry customer and unhappy with my recent experience with a staff
member in the store. I can go on twitter and tell the whole world my bad
experience or use the company app to open up a channel of communication
with the company and resolve the issue there and then.

*(2) Customer Engagement *

We have developed a tool that builds mobile landing pages that can be sent
using push notification technology to customers/subscribers.

*The name should focus directly on:*

* *

“Two-way communication”


* *

*What we are not:*

We are not building mobile apps as we are just providing a SDK that enables
our software. Think of us as a “third party plugin”

We are not a “customer support tool” as we offer a lot more than just this

*We do not want (This Will Get You Banned)*

* *

Please do not submit generic words merged together from online generators.
Update 30-Jul-13 GMT
Ok this is the last post before the competition closes...

Please only create names around

communication, conversations,engagement, speaking to large amounts of people at once - WITHOUT USING THESES NAMES

It has been frustrating as very few have followed the updated brief and the names seem to be more around what domain generators produce.

Please no more phrases with IMPACT or DEEP

We would prefer if you submitted one or two good names rather than 20 or 30 names that have no thought put into them.

Thank you again for all submissions but please put some thought into the name before submitting.


Imagine yourself walking into the company that you just named and if it feels and sounds right