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Starts: 7-Apr-13 4:28 p.m. GMT

Ends: 15-Apr-13 4:28 p.m. GMT


Award 1: $450, was awarded to ShimmyK...

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We are putting together a new brand ( Brand _?_) that will include snacks and beverages. We need your help to come up with a cool and epic name that we will use for our line of healthy snack products.

Update 7-Apr-13 GMT
*** Please make sure you check out the three attached documents to download !
Update 7-Apr-13 GMT
Hi; There on review of the submitted names, alot of basic / level 1 attempts... like combining two words to make a new one... which works in some cases, but mostly it does not come out so good.. think of names in the level 2 or 3 area.
Update 9-Apr-13 GMT

There has been a lot of effort on this one for sure. All though innovative, there have been a lot of plain type combo names, which don't feel right.

We are looking for a name that can fit on a bag of Veggie Chips as easy as it can on Fruit Snack Bites.

One word names we really like... please remember to review the documents that you can download and look at some of the other great brands.

There is a diamond in here somewhere, we need to keep looking :) -K
Update 12-Apr-13 GMT

We have gotten so many great responses and naming concepts, that its best that we end our project one day earlier.

The project will end Monday morning.

Thank you for your support !
Update 12-Apr-13 GMT
Some great work going on here... we have not found the perfect name yet.

We are liking the submissions that are using the concept of.. that the produce and vegetable isle in any market is a splash of color... bright and amazing. all over the rainbow.

A cool name that finds its roots in this area would be good. not looking for the obvious... such as Rainbow Valley, Prisim Green, etc... something more abstract, but still close to understand...

goto Level 2 with this concept.

We are looking for real words, not make up ones. or combo names.