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Starts: 19-Feb-13 6:19 a.m. GMT

Ends: 1-Mar-13 11:59 p.m. GMT


Award 1: $350, was awarded to cornfla...

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Farm Consulting Business. I help farm families develop long-term legal, financial, and management structures that help match their short term decisions to their long term goals. I need a name (rename actually) that connect with moments around the farm when a farmer is alone and either reflecting on what he has built or dreams about what he wants to build. I need it to connect to a family theme also since most of my clients are Father/Son, Mother/Son/Grandson, Grandfather/Grandson type of farm families. Wives are usually involved and have significant infuence.

Update 21-Feb-13 GMT
I am overwhelmed by the response.... All of you have stirred many additional thoughts and I would like to share those with the community here.

First, I really want the name to be about the clients end result or benefit he is buying.

Words that have been coming to mind are navigate, pilot, in control, path, etc. It is hard to express what clients seem to get unless you have worked with them. The one phrase a client stated to me that stands out the most is, "We finally feel like we are in control of our future..." Not me, not the banker, not the cpa or lawyers, but them...

A direct copywriter I was reading years ago talked about finding the "hidden benefit" in any product or service... I hope you can help me express that concept in the name.
Thanks for the overwhelming interactions. I'm trying to get to everyone and respond to their entries, but like most of you, time is very limited. I'm doing this in the middle of Tax season which is also probably a terrible time to be starting this.


Update 25-Feb-13 GMT
Thanks for all who have participated. I have chosen to extend the deadline for two reasons. 1 - I did not realize I could open up this to outsiders to score the names until recently. I want my key clients to have a chance to look throught the names and get their feedback.

2. We had a big snowstorm come through last Thursday. When most people stay home they don't work. When my clients farmers stay home, they call me. I had a bunch of work dumped on my desk on Thursday and Friday when my clients were in their offices. I need to spend a little more time this week going over the entries. I also want to provide feedback to several of the creativies which I didn't have time to do on Th,Fri,Sat,Sunday.


Update 8-Mar-13 GMT
I just need a little more time to pick the right name. Thanks...