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Starts: 17-Feb-13 2:35 a.m. GMT

Ends: 18-Mar-13 6:40 p.m. GMT


Award 1: $500, was awarded to dbrain

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We customize healthy meal plans to a user's preferences and deliver the ingredients and recipes needed to prepare them directly to their door.

Update 17-Feb-13 GMT
Don't want the word "meal" in the name.
Update 17-Feb-13 GMT
The .com shouldn't be taken (as in, another website is parked there) but we're willing to purchase something that's already registered.
Update 17-Feb-13 GMT
Let's stay away from "meal" "food" "delivery" in the name or anything too generic. Would prefer a 1-3 syllable name...could go to 4 or 5 for something really great but not beyond that.
Update 17-Feb-13 GMT
Don't include words like: dinner, lunch, plate, apron, delicious
Update 17-Feb-13 GMT
Don't include word "fresh". Generic = bad.
Update 17-Feb-13 GMT
Other words we generally dislike: wagon, truck, fresh, belly
Update 17-Feb-13 GMT
Let's stay away from names with "The" in front of them or combinations of generic words thrown together. Again, 1-3 syllables works best with 5 syllable max. Stay away from words like "recipes" "cook" "food" "dish" "fork" and anything else generic unless it has a real twist to it, like an overlapping word name (e.g., Pinterest).
Update 18-Feb-13 GMT
We find ourselves liking shorter words (3 syllable max), even if they're ones we'll have to eventually pay a lot for (20-50K) when we can afford them. They can't already exist as businesses or have trademarks but they can be fantasy-esque names that we'll build a brand around.
Update 26-Feb-13 GMT
Hi everyone,

Thanks so much for all of your suggestions. Please keep them coming!

Here are some words/phrases/concepts we've come to like. Note these are just ideas and the final name does *not* have to include one of these words. Just some guidance:

cloud nine
the suffix: "icity"
the suffix: “elle”
the suffix: “ella”
the suffix: “ette”
the suffix: “mento”
the suffix: ique

Feel free to pare these words with others that might work or to think of new combinations that aren't listed here. We'll continue to update with things we like.

Thanks so much!
Update 2-Mar-13 GMT
We've decided to extend the contest, as we haven't found a name that we really love yet. Please keep the suggestions coming - thank you!
Update 9-Mar-13 GMT
In addition to the other words mentioned in previous briefs, we are also starting to really like names that include words such as "modern" "custom" "magic" "urban" "menu" "cheer" "snap"
Update 9-Mar-13 GMT
Also like words "better" "city" and "dear"