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Starts: 30-Jan-13 4:04 p.m. GMT

Ends: 18-Feb-13 11:29 p.m. GMT


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We are a real estate startup based in Mumbai. Our map based UI (along with accurate details, photos, neighborhood and commute info) is our USP and is the first of its kind in India. Our current URL is We need a .com domain name for our business. Focus should be more on abstract names which can also be used as a brand name for our product. A few excellent examples are,,, etc. We need 2 or 3 syllable name which is easy to both pronounce and spell. Please suggest names and also your reasoning behind the names.

Update 30-Jan-13 GMT
Hi everyone. Thanks for participating. Please read previous public brief and the project brief carefully. A few more points:

1. Whenever you suggest a name, please speak it out loud to yourself. Make sure it's 2-3 syllable word at first. If you don't know what syllables are, please check wikipedia article

2. Say the name out again and see if it easy to spell the name by just hearing the word. Without any confusion with homophonous words.

3. Don't use simple english words used in real estate industry like 'lease', 'live' etc. Don't use words which are used in fashion. telecom or other industries.
Update 30-Jan-13 GMT
One more thing. Please think of thoughtful names. I don't know if you have read the project brief carefully, there's a reason why zillow is a great name.

1. It's just 2 syllables and it's spelling can't be confused with any other word. It's not a hard word either. Sounds and spells like pillow. Simple.
2. says - Zillow is a blend (or, to be old-fashioned and French about it, a portmanteau) of zillions (as in “zillions of data points”) and pillow (a metonymic reference to home–where you rest your head).
3. name's ethos is tied with how the company views real estate

Don't just mash together two words for the sake of it. Please be thoughtful about it. Also be thoughtful about the fact that we are a real estate company. And company names which sound more like a coffee chain or a pharma company name are not what we are looking for.
Update 30-Jan-13 GMT
Don't club an adjective and a noun together. e.g loftypads. It sounds self-praising. and I have clearly explained how desperately we want to stay away from any usage of regular english words and esp a combination of two regular english words. Coming up with adj+noun names is just lazy and uninspired.

Please focus on abstract words. Also, a name doesn't have to mean anything if it sounds really good. eg in case - trulia. And if it is a regular word, it better be there because there is some meaning to it. eg in case - zillow. There's no magic formula. Let your imagination run wild. You never know when you'll land upon something truly remarkable.
Update 30-Jan-13 GMT
Please avoid using homophones. It makes for a confusing domain name.
Check wiki link here:

I rate trulia, zillow, zumper, zoopla etc as very good names because

1. They are 2-3 syllable non-dictionary words
2. They are easy to pronounce
3. No scope of confusion with different spellings

Avoid using Hindi words.
A few entries are amateurish. By 'cool', i meant 'suave' and 'stylish' too.
Update 1-Feb-13 GMT
Hi everyone, thanks for participating. We still are a long way from getting there!

Please place emphasis on SIMPLICITY and ELEGANCE.

Don't suggest names which employ boring english words and are just boring names in general.
Please think (and read previous briefs) on why I value names like trulia, zillow etc so highly. Our domain name will be our brand name too. So, we want it to be easy to say and spell, without it losing out on the charm of a good, elegant name.