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Starts: 4-Dec-12 6:32 a.m. GMT

Ends: 30-Apr-13 5:18 p.m. GMT


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Create a new name for a new kind of pet services company! We live in a market of dog walkers, pet sitters, groomers and other small, boutique businesses - but we are building a company that does all of the things those companies do and more, but does them better, more professionally, and hopefully some day on a national scale.

Update 6-Dec-12 GMT
A few hints based on the responses so far:

1. The names we like so far have been creative word combinations based on two words or less that are "made up" but catchy names. If we were in the movie business we would like "Dreamworks" better than "20th Century Fox Films".

2. We might not have been clear in the brief that we aren't a facility / home / spa - we deliver the overwhelming majority of our services in the field, so please avoid words that imply that we are a "place".

3. Please avoid URL's that are awkward. This means no hyphens, no "inc" or "co" or "llc" tacked on to the name, etc. If you are proposing "AcmePets" then make sure that "" is available.

4. We want the name to be easy enough to be remembered and typed into a URL bar on a browser. People can find "", but if they had to type in "BestBuyConsumerElectronics" they would probably never do it. Suggestions like "JanesAwesomeHolisticPetCare" are eliminated quickly from consideration for this reason.

Thank you for all of the hard work so far creatives - please keep it up!
Update 8-Dec-12 GMT
We can't own this one but we wanted to share the name of a competitor who captured the right image. ""

Please don't go and submit a bunch of variations of "pawfessional" since they would all be an obvious trademark violation, but hopefully you get what we're looking for!
Update 13-Dec-12 GMT
We are really getting closer, but we haven't found THE ONE yet. For many of you we have made comments that you are on the right track - please keep trying!
Update 28-Apr-13 GMT
I am seeing a lot of blended/merged word submissions; e.g., Petnomy, Petcentrix, etc. None of these will be chosen. I am not a fan of companies that have these types of names. Also, there has been a pattern of names that are too clinical / techie / generic / sterile sounding; e.g., Pet Professionals. Again, we're not looking for any of those. Ditto for attempts at being clever via wordplay (e.g., The Pawfessionals). What we want is a Starbucks-type name (e.g., MoMoPets is semi-interesting) or an English (no more Latin, please) descriptor (e.g., Benchmark) where the dotcom (without having to add a modifier) is available at a reasonable price; i.e., Starbucks Coffee Company has, not