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Starts: 2-May-12 5:28 p.m. GMT

Ends: 18-May-12 11:59 p.m. GMT


Award 1: $275, was awarded to sempakm...

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So the time has come to add to our collection for Summer 2012!! Le Ninja, a trendy upscale urban preppy hipster clothing line, is looking for new designs to add to our summer 2012 collection. We are looking to cater to the 20 some crowd with tee shirts, tanks, sweatshirts, hooded sweatshirts and yoga pants.
When designing think Urban Outfitters (www.urbanoutfitters.com) meets Nordstrom's (www.nordstrom.com). We are preppy, hipster and upscale.

Another concept that could help you when designing is that we are not the typical ninja you think about it with masked faces and nun chucks. We are not japanese and nothing to do with martial arts. More so we are the figurative whimsical optimistic ninjas that are all around us. Everyone is some type of ninja whether they know it or not. For all you know you could be a soup ninja. A Soup Ninja: one who ABSOLUTELY loves all kinds of soup and would eat it for breakfast lunch and dinner if they could!!

We are looking for creativity and style!

Update 3-May-12 GMT
Hi all,

I just wanted to let you all know that while we are only choosing one winner for this project. We will be considering all of the entries submitted and will be approaching you all individually if we like what we see to propose working with you in the future and bringing you on board with our company.

Thank you,

Le Ninja Team
Update 7-May-12 GMT
Hi guys!

The designs we are getting are great thus far and we are pretty happy with everything coming in. We are maybe looking for a few more designs with our attached ninja logo and the attached Le Ninja writing. When you are designing feel free to look at www.urbanoutfitters.com and www.nordstrom.com to see if you could see these designs and more at those stores. Also, think retro, think old school, think classic. Something vintage and retro using our logos to create something that you could see on a celebrity would be great as well!

Thanks guys!

Le Ninja Team
Update 11-May-12 GMT
We are looking to get everyone else a shot to try and be a part of this great project!! Haven't found exactly what we are looking for so we are open to exploring more!
Update 15-May-12 GMT
Hi all!

Just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who has submitted designs as we definitely have our hands full with some great designs to choose from. Moving forward we are looking to be introducing anywhere between 8 and 10 new ones for the Summer 2012 collection. For this collection we are looking for:

1. Creative designs that incorporate our le ninja logo

2. Creative designs that don't incorporate the logo

3. Designs that would look good on a sweatshirt and tee-shirt

4. Not really looking for other iconic logos except ours if a logo is to be used at all.

5. We are looking for preppy hipster, something that would fit in Urban Outfitters for the hipster and something that would be good for Nordstrom's in the preppy class side of things.

6. For color we would like to have bright and fun as it is the summer!

We are not trying to discourage any of you, rather just providing you with quick honest feedback so that we can get the best designs you have to offer!

Again thank you so much to everyone who has already submitted. We are looking forward to seeing more!!


Le Ninja Team
Update 23-May-12 GMT
Hi guys,

We have been reviewing all of the designs and I believe we have a bunch we like but would like to see some different designs. Some designs that looked faded washed and like the shirt has been worn and washed over and over. This is what seems to be in these days and so we would like to see how you could incorporate that into some of the designs. We are giving one more week to do this!

Thank you,

Le Ninja team
Update 23-May-12 GMT
Hi guys!!

We have been going through all the designs and are having a very tough time deciding in which direction to go. There are many that we believe we are interested in which makes it tough! We also would like to see some designs that looked faded and have been worn and washed 100 times already. This is what seems to be in and I would like to incorporate that into our designs. We are giving you one more week to submit newer stuff with this faded wash old school look incorporated. Really looking forward to seeing what you all come up with!!

Thank you,

Le Ninja Team