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Ross Kimbarovsky
  • Ross Kimbarovsky
  • co-Founder
  • After emigrating to the United States from Kiev, Ukraine in 1979, Ross dreamed about starting a technology business. For 13 years prior to crowdSPRING, as a successful trial attorney, Ross counseled and represented clients (from small internet startups to Fortune 100 companies) in complex disputes involving intellectual property in United States state and federal courts and before the World Intellectual Property Organization. In 2006, Ross was named an Illinois SuperLawyer® and one of “40 Illinois Attorneys Under Forty to Watch” for intellectual property and complex commercial litigation. Passionate about technology and realizing that his former law firm would never allow shorts and sandals at work (he tried), Ross decided to pursue his dream (and to change his wardrobe). Follow Ross on Twitter or connect on LinkedIn. Ross frequently blogs about startups, social media, and technology on his personal blog. If you need to contact Ross, email: ross at crowdspring dot com

Mike Samson
  • Mike Samson
  • co-Founder
  • Mike is an Emmy Award® nominated Producer, and Production Manager with more than 20 years of experience as a senior manager in the film and television production industry. He has worked on dozens of feature film and television projects including "Wall Street," "Bull Durham," "Steven King's The Stand" (Miniseries), and "Men in Black II." In prime-time dramatic television, he supervised on TV series such as "New York Undercover" and "Third Watch." Mike has received numerous honors individually and as a team member, including an Emmy Award nomination, DGA awards, and a George Foster Peabody Award. Mike received his MBA from Northwestern University's Kellogg Graduate School of Management. He is a member of the Directors Guild of America and the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences. Follow Mike on Twitter.

Shuo (John) Yang
  • Shuo (John) Yang
  • Senior Software Engineer
  • John is a true nomad. He came to the US from China at the age of 16, and while working towards his college degree, he enjoyed life and culture in Michigan, California, Utah, and Illinois. He eventually settled down and earned a computer science degree from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. While in school, he conducted research in GIS studies of archeology and animal diseases. Since graduation, he contributed to the success of several technology startups with his broad skills, leadership, and entrepreneurial spirit. When he's not pushing the boundaries of technology, John enjoys playing guitar and working on his secret video game project. He also enjoys many sports such as basketball and swimming. His current life-goal is to beat Pete in ping-pong. The day of Pete's fall is nigh.

Chris Detmer
  • Chris Detmer
  • UI Developer
  • Chris studied Religion, Philosophy and Anthropology before realizing that he really wanted to focus on Web Design (he first achieved the rank of Eagle Scout). Chris worked as a Web Designer at MSU Virtual University, was the Online Creative Director at The State News, a Web Designer for Jackson Community College and freelanced for some time before we persuaded him that he was making very risky career decisions and should come work instead in a stable environment of a brand new startup. Chris has a life-long passion for music, and when he's not playing with pixels at crowdSPRING he can usually be found listening, writing or recording in his spare time.

Diógenes Fernandes
  • Diógenes Fernandes
  • Software Engineer
  • Diógenes has an Internet Systems degree from Federal Institute of Technology of Paraíba and a specialization in Mobile Systems from Estácio. He lives in the beautiful capital of Paraíba, João Pessoa (Brazil). He is an avid reader, consuming all kind of books and articles (currently trying to improve his design/user experience skills). In his free time he enjoys to play sports (all kinds - from ping-pong to muay thai), watch to good movies, play league of legends and hangout with his girlfriend, friends and family. You can see more about him at his personal website or twitter.

Bianca Jayanty
  • Bianca Jayanty
  • Customer Service Manager
  • Bianca hails from Houston, Texas, but does not want to be called “Tex”. The youngest of 6 kids and a triplet (which means we never know who's working on any given day) she brings the ruckus - and a toilet bowl pendant to work nearly every day. No kidding. She received a B.A. in Public Relations and Advertising from DePaul University. In her free time, Bianca loves to cook up a storm, tries hard to not get hit by a car on her bike, and loves going out on the town.

Audree Rowe
  • Audree Rowe
  • Community Liaison
  • Audree grew up in suburban Chicago, and holds an undergraduate degree in art and a master's degree in teaching. She started her adventures at crowdSPRING as a creative, participating in logo and print design projects. After a year, she joined the Crew to serve as Community Liaison, bringing her creative skills to the table when needed. Audree's past experiences include working at a sign and design studio, as an elementary school art teacher, and as an editorial cartoonist. Audree loves movies, British TV, and the Sunday morning Political shows. She hopes to spend her retirement years working as an extra in film and television.

Heather Appleman
  • Heather Appleman
  • Customer Service Wonder Gal
  • Heather works her magic on the customer service team at crowdSPRING. Aside from answering emails, she likes to spend her time fiddling with her guitar, banging on her drums, watching entire seasons of her favorite shows in one sitting, eating hummus and pita chips while watching said seasons, and getting lost in the big beautiful city of Chicago. When Heather was 8, she spread a rumor around her 3rd grade class that Chuck Norris was her dad. It made sense at the time as he was the only other redhead Heather knew that practiced karate. Heather no longer studies karate or lies about who her dad is. Love ya pops ;)

Brittany Williams
  • Brittany Williams
  • Customer Service Wonder Gal
  • A Chicago native, Brittany graduated from the University of Missouri - Columbia with a B.A. in Mass Communication and minors in both Film Studies and Art. In addition to her sweet gig at crowdSPRING, Brittany also works as the Producer of an independent film and as a Candid Photographer around Chicago. Six things you should know about Brittany: she's the biggest film nerd she's ever met, a closet bookworm, loves super spicy food, is addicted to music, is a bit of an adrenaline junky, and firmly believes that she's the clumsiest person in the world.

Zack Shornick
  • Zack Shornick
  • Customer Service Wonder Boy
  • Zack is an Aquarius from Westport, Connecticut. When not answering emails or talking with customers using a silly French accent, he is an actor/comedian who can be found admiring craft beer during college football games (we still don't know if he just admires the beer or drinks it too), refinishing old furniture (presumably when he is not drinking too much craft beer), or watching nature documentaries, PBS cooking shows, and The Price Is Right (he's secretly hoping they'll invite him to the show and he'll become the biggest winner ever).

Keri Marcouillier
  • Keri Marcouillier
  • Customer Service Wonder Gal
  • According to the Witness Protection Program, “Keri” hails from New Hampshire, where her childhood collection of jelly shoes still holds legendary status. “Keri” has a B.A. in theatre, but has never worked in the food service industry, which makes one question the validity of her degree (and arguably revokes any street cred she may have had). In her free time, “Keri” seeks out live music and unique museums (her favorite thus far, hands down, was the JELL-O Museum). “Keri” may or may not moonlight as a champion of secret warehouse hula hooping competitions, but you didn’t hear that from her. Shh...